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The Salon Column’s Responsibility as a Supporting Element

This is a very realistic image of what salon appointment books used to be like; they were like the sturdy columns that supported the business. In ancient times, columns supported monolithic structures and kept them firmly in place. However, much as the fallen ruins of columns can be found all over the world, no longer demonstrating their power, the importance of salon columns in defining the level of a company’s performance has diminished in recent years.

After reading this piece of writing, you will have a good deal of knowledge regarding the way you should style your hair and apply your makeup. The following are some tips that can help you combine the new strategies you’ve created with your new hairstyle and cosmetics. In order to accomplish this, you should strongly consider making use of the finest hair salon and spa near me that are located close by you.

A standard to gauge one’s level of success

A column at the salon and spa Redmond depicts the current situation with the customer visits, and most salons have seen that the amount of time that passes between client appointments has increased from six weeks to eight or nine weeks. In a similar vein, the beginning of the week is typically perceived to be less hectic and to contain more “free time” in the majority of the columns.

Therefore, how can we produce revenue that compensates for the lack of actual customers during calmer periods, and how can we make sure that all of the columns are as robust as possible?

The key to success is upselling, which involves boosting customers’ average bills to help offset any possible income loss that may result from empty appointments.

Be color conscious

Because emerging technologies continuously introduce novelties to the market, the present moment is an excellent opportunity to capitalize on the ever-expanding market for color services by offering something other than just a new hue. The ability to make additional revenue is a primary benefit of providing color services.

Be time-efficient

The amount of time involved is negligible, but the level of care should be increased. This presents the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a “gap” in the column in order to provide an exceptional consultation to your customer in which you thoroughly explain everything. The utilization of the time can then generate the necessary commitment from the client to move forward with this new service.

Offer your customers various treatments

Treatments are still important in the salon because they provide a premium service that takes the client’s overall experience to a higher level than if the treatment were just applied at the dressing-out area and left for ten minutes. If treatments are going to be advised, then the experience has to be one that is desirable for the client to invest in. Gowns and towels should represent a premium experience that is different from what is typically experienced.

Encourage fidelity

Increase the number of visits from existing customers by offering loyalty cards, discounts to those who bring a friend, and new services. Rebook appointments and maintain a high level of professionalism at all times; this is not about making a hard pitch; rather, it is about you being a professional column builder!

Is the era of powerful columns coming to an end? Absolutely not, however, the purpose has shifted slightly since then. The productivity of hairdressers needs to be maximized each and every day, and they should approach their column as if it were their own company. Its “business,” or its column, must be robust in order to contribute to the structural stability of the salon. This necessitates performing a routine review of the appointments and forward preparation so that one does not arrive at work, take a quick glance at the schedule, and surrender oneself to the reality that they will have a slow day.

Builders of the Columns:

  • Increase revenue from color by providing loyal customers and new customers with additional color services.
  • Elevate the level of opulence present in treatments in order to provide the customer with a memorable experience.
  • Be sure to check your column on a frequent basis and make ahead plans for any prospective up-sells.
  • Keep in mind that the business of “your” salon is supported by “your” column.
  • Organize and participate in promotional efforts to increase the frequency of visits from both new and existing customers.


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