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How to Make Arts Interesting for Students?

After the tenth, there are 3 options open for students to grow their careers in Science, Commerce, and Arts. These three streams bring a lot of opportunities with them, and if any students have to take any of these subjects, they have to score high in their 10th, like students have to score 70% or more than 70% to take science in 11th. To take commerce, students have to bring above 60%. If any student wants to take arts, then they don’t need to get into the trouble of these 10th numbers, students who get 90% also take arts, and even those who get 50% but still do not know why students think that students taking arts are weak in studies. This thinking is not only in students but also in parents, guardians, and even teachers. In our society, students do not choose their careers by looking at their interests; instead, they see their marks and choose their careers. If a student gets 80% or 90%, they think they should take science, and sometimes they do not feel like taking commerce, then their parents force them to take science.

Students do not want to take arts a lot because they think arts are a very dull subject. Still, no one pays attention to that arts are the only subject where a student gets more than 100 opportunities like teacher, journalist, archaeologist, politician, civil services, and many more. There are many benefits of taking arts, but we need to make the students aware. Next, we will tell you the benefits of taking arts and how to make art class interesting for students.

Benefits Of Studying Arts:

  • Art is the only subject that helps the student to unleash his creativity. When a student decides to take arts after 10th, then many opportunities are opened for them in the coming time, and students do not have to think much.
  •  If a student takes arts, he does it by giving himself competitive exams without going to coaching.
  • Students studying arts do not need to study a lot of tuition like other subjects.
  • Students can also study arts subjects on their own.
  • Students studying arts can do some extra with their studies.
  •  Students can save lots of time by studying arts. 

Ways to Make Arts Class Enjoyable

There are many ways to make arts fun for students, but for that, teachers and parents have to start. Still, more important than that, children’s interest, before studying any subject, children must see their interest, and 11th, students’ interest in their career. If there is a first step, they have to take that step carefully.

  • First of all, schools need to arrange career counseling for the 10th students where the counselor will talk personally to every student and help the students find their potential. Also, make it compulsory to have their parents and the students in career counseling.
  • Teachers should give information to the students about the arts, as teachers can tell the students how many opportunities can come to the students by taking arts.
  • Teachers should introduce students to the subjects of arts and tell them how many subjects are there in arts.
  •  School management can give information about all the streams with the help of the school information management system. Everything is explained very quickly, and students will not have any problems.
  • Students can go to the LMS portal and get information about it, and if they want, they can also read it from this portal.
  • Parents also have a significant role in this; they should encourage the child to study every subject at home. Give information about every subject and if their children want to take arts, then support them instead of scolding them.
  • Please do not force the children and give them the freedom to choose the right subject for themselves.

To Conclude:

Every subject or stream has its specialty, and it should be the decision of the students to decide what students should study and whatnot. There are many arts specialties, and Arts are exciting subjects; they need to present in the right way in front of the students.


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