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For which sports is a gymnastics mat suitable?

The gymnastics mat is suitable for all movements and floor exercises that require a little more comfort and slip resistance. best knee pads mountain biking whether you want to do yoga, Pilates, or any other type of floor exercise, a fitness mat makes the exercise more enjoyable. Gymnastics is also suitable for training with a hula hoop. The surface, material, and size of a gymnastics mat are the most important criteria to consider. Depending on the floor exercise, Internet tests on the gymnastics mat recommend different models.

A yoga mat, for example, is slightly thinner than a gymnastics mat. As a result, it adheres more firmly to the ground, which makes balance exercises easier. knee pad for flooring the gymnastics mat or fitness mat is slightly thicker than a yoga mat and is especially useful if you want a more comfortable base.

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A gymnastics mat has the following advantages and disadvantages:


non-slip and joint-gentle underlay

Insulation in the cold ground

inexpensive and flexible transportable


Deformations possible

takes up space (depending on size)

higher weight

You can find out which types of gymnastic mats are currently on the market here:

Yoga mat

  • lightweight
  • thinner mat thickness
  • non-slip material
  • shock-absorbing material

Gymnastics mat/therapy mat

  • elastic and cushioning underlay
  • the robust and water-repellent material
  • thicker mat thickness


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