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Collagen for Youthful Skin; is it Worth the Hype?

Collagen is a naturally occurring substance in the human body. It is one of the main building protein blocks for your hair, skin, muscles, bones, and ligaments. In some people, collagen production isn’t as good as in others. There are several reasons behind it, however, the production can be increased through collagen supplements. You can get yours at https://beautifullyhealthy.com.au/collections/natures-way

Focusing on collagen benefits for the skin specifically; it has a lot to offer. It is the main element that keeps your skin alive and youthful. It doesn’t let it sag. The youthful and plump look that almost everyone desires, is all due to great collagen production. 

Collagen and the Human Body:

One of the main reasons behind lack of collagen production is age. The body starts reducing the production after 25 and gradually keeps on decreasing. Especially for women, the stats showcase that loss of 30% of collagen happens within the first 5 years of their menopause. 

This is why their skin begins to sag and look dull quickly. Utilization of anti-ageing products and collagen supplements can be helpful in preventing this. Let’s discuss how! 

Are Collagen Supplements Beneficial?

Collagen is now available in the form of supplements. From capsules to peptide powders and liquids; collagen supplements are now accessible in a variety of different forms and types. However, the main question is; are they beneficial? Are they really worth the hype? Do they work? 

To begin with, collagen is one of the basic and most important components of your skin. It plays a huge role in the hydration and elasticity of the skin overall. After your mid 20’s, as the body reduces the production of collagen, the skin dries out and begins to sag, forming wrinkles. 

Studies do show that collagen supplements are helpful in reducing anti-ageing signs gradually. They do reduce dryness and wrinkles by boosting your skin’s overall strength. The youthful and glowing skin that we all yearn for, can be achieved by collagen supplements. 

How do these supplements work? The Collagen supplements work by boosting the production of collagen in the human body. It is stated that the supplements boost production of other proteins as well that improve the structure of the skin. However, more study and research is required to be definite about this claim. 

Lastly, many studies have claimed that collagen supplements can reduce acne too. But there isn’t much scientific evidence available yet to support the research. 


To put it simply, collagen is very important for the human skin. It is best to keep your collagen production high naturally by eating foods that are rich in antioxidants. It is also important to wear your sunscreen daily as it keeps the skin secure. As more research is required in regards to collagen supplements, it is recommended that you visit your dermatologist and discuss the introduction of these tablets with them.

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