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A Guide to Cooking in Fall

Fall has finally arrived, and this means another season of fun bakes and delicious meals is ahead of you. However, if you are feeling uninspired by the colder weather or are struggling to think of new recipes to try, read this guide for some top cooking tips for this new, spooky season. 

Celebrate the Holidays 

Every season has its own set of holidays, and this is the same when it comes to fall. As soon as September arrives, many people are already thinking about the approach of Halloween. Halloween is an exciting holiday for many, whether you love going trick and treating with your children or enjoy simply having a laidback party with friends. However, the cooking possibilities when it comes to Halloween are endless. For instance, you might consider making spooky cocktails, pumpkin pie, or salted caramel cake, among an array of other frighteningly good recipes. As such, you should never think that you are too old to celebrate the scariest holiday of the year. 

Pair Your Food With a Great Beverage 

Instead of only thinking about the food that you are going to make when fall arrives, you should also consider pairing this food with great beverages. Fall is the season for hot drinks, and you should try to make the most of the best season of the year with your favorites. For instance, you might decide to add pumpkin spice to your lattes, or you might create your own luxurious hot chocolate with whipped cream and cinnamon. These beverages never have to be boring, and you can add a little bit of seasonal excitement to your drinks by using Halloween stencils for coffee, as these can make all of your hot drinks suitably spine-chilling. 

Bake Warm Desserts

Although you might have grown used to having desserts like ice cream throughout the summer months, now is the time for warm desserts that can make you feel cozy and nostalgic. As such, instead of sticking to the same desserts that you ate throughout the rest of the year, you should instead decide to bake desserts such as chocolate fudge cake, apple pie, and sticky toffee pudding that can keep you toasty and that you can eat snuggled down in front of your television or with a book. 

Use Seasonal Fruit 

This is the season of apples, blackberries and pears, and instead of ignoring the bounty that nature is offering you as it drops off the trees, you should consider using seasonal fruit in your recipes. For instance, you could make a crumble out of these ingredients, or consider adding them to jams and smoothies. As such, from traybakes to cobblers, it is unlikely that you will ever run out of things to do with this spare fruit, and, if you are passionate about fruit-based dishes, you should consider planting your own fruit trees in your backyard so that you can get as much fruit as you need. 

Don’t Ignore the Barbecue 

Although you might believe that the time for barbecuing is behind you and that you must put your barbecue away until the warmer weather arrives once more, barbecues can be an excellent way to cook your meals and encourage your family to spend more time in the backyard during the fall. You might even decide to cook over a firepit instead if you are desperate for a little bit of extra warmth while you are outside. During the fall, you should consider looking at cooking steaks and pizzas that can fill you up and keep your family happy. You might even consider finishing off this meal by toasting a few marshmallows over the final flames. 

As such, fall is the season for comforting and warm food and your meals should reflect this. From cooking homely and traditional dishes like pies and crumbles to hot drinks like coffee and hot chocolate, the right food can allow you to stay warm, appreciate the season and get you in the mood for winter and the many holidays that are fast approaching. This can ensure that you look forward to your next meal or snack every day and that it never disappoints or fails to make you feel full and content. 



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