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Checklist For Successful Relocation to Shared Office Space for Rent

Do you have any plans to move to a new office? It’s wonderful to move into a shared office space for rent for business development or just to change the environment of your job. Entrepreneurs have the chance to improve workplace culture, team engagement, productivity, and efficiency while also establishing a positive atmosphere.

However, if you don’t make the necessary preparations, the moving procedure might be a disruption for your staff. To make your journey trouble-free, we’ll provide a step-by-step office relocation checklist in this post.

Before moving, follow these steps

The secret to a seamless and effective transfer is to divide it up into manageable chunks. You should schedule the trip in advance whether you relocate to a large traditional workplace or a shared coworking space.

Please review your current lease

Your current rental leasing agreement is a binding contract that calls for you to make regular payments for a predetermined time frame.

Additionally, look for any property damage. For instance, look for any infrastructural damage, cracked paint on the walls, or damaged light fixtures. Learn the details of your lease to determine whether you must pay for property damage before moving out.

Prepare a budget

Moving an office may be pricey. Without a budget, moving forward might end up costing you more than you anticipated. Create a budget in advance to prevent major capital expenditures.

Make a budget for the relocation project by analyzing the work that needs to be done and includes.

  • Fees for transactions (for lawyers, property agents, and more)
  • Your old workplace will cost you in depreciation.
  • Cost of occupancy (such as rent, taxes, service charges, electricity, maintenance, and more).
  • Cost of design, new office interior, and fire plan.
  • Relocation and installation costs for cabling, IT equipment, and tools.
  • Telecom installation and equipment for virtual office space Dubai.
  • Costs associated with marketing (announcements, new stationery, invites to guests, website change).
  • Costs associated with air conditioning, ventilation, and energy efficiency (take “green” laws into account).
  • Costs related to interim storage during the migration.
  • Disposal expenses (of old furniture, tools, equipment).
  • Security fees (during the move).

Choose an appropriate moving company

Find the best moving company in your area that is within your spending limit. Getting expert assistance can guarantee a smooth transition. The earlier you get in touch, the better. Use the internet to find specialized office movers. To learn more about their services and to get quotations, visit their website.

Create a team for internal planning

Creating an internal planning team may hasten the relocation process while ensuring that each stage is completed on time. Create a team and assign specific tasks, such as creating a budget, getting in touch with moving providers, and more.

Here are a few factors to take into account while choosing team members.

  • knows every aspect of your company.
  • swift in making decisions.
  • capable of handling several tasks.
  • excellent communicator
  • extremely well-organized and skilled in financial analysis.

Make parking accessible

How much parking is set aside for your business? Where can your team park specifically? Are access cards for the parking lot required? – To avoid wasting any of your valuable time, gather all parking-related information.


According to research, workplaces can affect workers’ productivity and levels of job interest. Moving to a new office environment may therefore improve your business ROI by bringing in new energy and lowering attrition rates.


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