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CB350’s best rival! British vintage heavyweight “with Google navigation” available in Japan from 148,000

Royal Enfield has announced the mid-November launch of its new lightweight cruiser, the Meteor 350, in Japan. The Meteor 350 is the first car to be fitted with the Royal Enfield style as standard, but with many modern features.

It is also the first Royal Enfield to be equipped with the Royal Enfield Tripper navigation system as standard, which is based on Google Maps and allows riders to view navigation information directly from the dashboard. To the right of the dashboard is a navigation system called Tripper, which is based on Google Maps.

There are three versions of the Meteor 350: the Fireball, the Stellar and the Supernova. The Fireball is the standard version, the Stellar has an added rear backrest and an electroplated exhaust, and the Supernova is the most advanced version based on the Stellar with a wind mirror kit.

Siddhartha Lal, Managing Director of Eicher Motors, comments

The Meteor 350 is the most advanced and affordable light cruiser for everyone. It is the perfect combination of classic cruiser style and modern functionality. We wanted to develop a motorbike that would provide a great cruising experience not only for experienced riders but also for novice motorcyclists, and the Meteor 350 is the bike that embodies this, with an ergonomically designed, comfortable ride that is perfect for long rides and motorway cruising, but also for the relaxed feeling of driving in the city.

Bimal Sambury, Head of Royal Enfield Asia Pacific, comments

Royal Enfield is becoming a truly global motorbike brand with its attractive, friendly and timeless motorbike models. The new Meteor 350 is the latest in a series of new models that build on the success of the adventure tourer Himalayan, INT 650 and Royal Enfield Continental GT 650, and is part of our strategy to meet the growing demand for affordable leisure riding in our core mid-size motorbike market.

Japan is one of Royal Enfield’s most important markets for capturing market share in the Asia Pacific region and we are pleased to announce the launch of the new Meteor 350 in Japan, which is not just a new bike but another important milestone in our mission to communicate true “riding essence” to all motorbike enthusiasts.

The Meteor 350 also confirms the success of the Royal Enfield in capturing the attention of the mid-displacement leisure riding market by taking performance and quality to a new level with the introduction of a 650cc twin-cylinder engine model; we are delighted to add a new and exciting chapter to the story of the Royal Enfield that began 120 years ago.



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