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Best Window Treatments for Noise Reduction

No one likes to be around too much noise, it is not an abnormal thing it’s just natural human behavior. The people living specifically in a noisy environment are very concerned about noise reduction. Noise over a significant volume is much more dangerous not just for the ears but to the overall health of a being.

It is scientifically proven that those who spend much time in noisy surroundings are much more likely to get damaged mentally.

So taking precautions is very important, there are many things you can do which can reduce much of the noise pollution in return.

In this talk, we are going through some of the window treatments like window blinds which are quite effective in reducing noise because it is observed deeply that having a window treatment that is made up of some sort of thick fabric is might effective in reducing noise.

Note that no precaution is going to give you rid of all the noise perhaps it will reduce much of it.

Cellular Shades

These shades are one of the most effective window treatments to reduce noise. They are made up of some sort of very unique fabric in a honeycomb shape manner which is why they are also called honeycomb shades.

Their honeycomb style seems like cells and these cells are all over them. These are like barriers they are highly capable of blocking noise, cold, and heat from passing through them, hence they are great in energy efficiency, insulations, and noise reduction.

There is also an option of doubling these cells which is probably a plus version of these shades making them even better at noise reduction.


Shutters are also a good investment in noise reduction. They have a properly built structure that is quite good in maintaining light, privacy, as well as noise.

They are made of wood sometimes real or sometimes faux wood both are quite harder than blinds. Makes them an considerable option in noise reduction. So make sure to buy good-quality shutters from reliable sources. Which can fit seriously well against your window.

Multi-layered options

These are also considerable, because they are double. Double in energy efficiency, double in insulation. This is for the people who love a certain kind of window treatment that is not efficient in noise reduction so they can have a proper noise reduction window treatment which is then multi-layered with a window treatment that they like.

Through this, they can enjoy an interior design as well as noise reduction at the same time. So make sure to combine them well like they are a single entity.

Traditional Curtains and Drapes

They are made of very hard and thickly woven textile so they are good in getting rid of almost all of the light from outside and due to this fact they are also an considerable option for noise reduction.

They are very good when your concern is a complete blackout and noise reduction at their best. As they are very traditional so they are surely going to fit in any interior gently.

Roman Blinds.

Everyone who is looking for window treatments for noise reduction will love to do it luxuriously. If so then Roman Blinds is the way to go. These blinds are made from a thick and like of a sound absorbing fabric.

Look the overall noise reduction is courtesy of the thickness of a fabric and tightly woven textile. In the case of roman blinds, they are the best in the game not because only of the thick fabric of which they are made but also because of class and interior enhancing glamour.

Insulated Blinds

They are often called Thermal blinds, due to a fact that they are sometimes backed up by thermal coating which surely makes them an option for energy efficiency and as well as for insulation.

Even if they are not backed up by thermal coating they are still made of enough layers of a specific fabric that is quite remarkable in noise reduction as well as also handle light very gently, and also maintain privacy reasonably. They are great in energy efficiency and insulations hence they can reduce your electricity noticeably.

Custom Window Blinds

Any kind of custom-made window blinds with good quality fabric is might effective in noise reduction, because they are custom made means that they are going to fit sharply across your window allowing almost no tiny holes from which light and sound waves can go through.

Opt to hire a professional so you don’t have to do all the tricky measurements and opt to hire someone local resident because it might reduce the overall cost and time consumption.

Additional tips for noise reduction.

Opt to fill every unnecessary hole.

Opt to have special noise-reducing paint coats on your wall.

Check for open doors.

Consult with a professional.



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