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Mythbuster: 5 Myths About Windows Shared Hosting


Eye-catching web hosting offers as well as extra-ordinary web hosting services generally captivate those who want to get windows shared web hosting for the very first time. There are various providers on the market that promise to be the greatest! Evaluating the entire available web hosting possibilities and deciding on the best choice can be a daunting task sometimes. Because there are so many web hosting companies, it’s easy for first-time web hosting customers to fall victim to one that doesn’t give what it advertises.

But, since you’re a first-time web hosting user and are knowledgeable about some basic aspects, finding an appropriate and reasonable web hosting subscription will be simple. It is necessary to secure oneself against an inadequate web hosting company.

Several business owners choose a more expensive option than windows shared hosting since they trust incorrect claims they overheard from a coworker or read on the internet.

We’ll look over the most prevalent myths regarding shared windows server hosting in this article. You could still choose something else besides shared hosting after reading it, and it will be for strong reasons, not just because of incorrect information circulated throughout the internet.

The Gist of Windows Shared Hosting

For most business owners, windows shared hosting, inside which one server hosts multiple websites, is indeed a great choice. It’s cheap, simple, and has almost all of the functionality a small business could want.

Yet, many incorrect debates regarding windows shared hosting could be found on places like Reddit and Content communities. We’re trying to debunk some misconceptions and explain some misunderstandings now.

Multiple websites can hold a common server using shared hosting. You simply have no idea how or what sites you’re exchanging a server’s resources with. The overall quantity of server resources that each client can utilize is normally limited, although this is determined by your hosting plan.

Perhaps the most cost-effective option for your requirements is windows shared hosting.. Yet, the low cost comes with potential downsides, which we’ll discuss further down along with its myths.

5 Myths About Windows Shared Hosting

5 Myths About Windows Shared Hosting

Myth #1: Free Hosting Equals Shared Hosting

The access to free hosting could be truly astonishing if you’re a newcomer to searching for hosting providers. Each free hosting service you find will be shared hosting, however, this does not imply that all shared hosting equals free or that shared hosting means low-cost hosting.

“Never” is the truth about whether or not one should be using free shared hosting.

While you may know, even if anything appears to be free, there is generally a charge. The provider of free hosting must monetize their services in some way. This frequently takes the shape of unwanted adverts on your website which you will not earn at all.

In addition, free hosting tends to come with no uptime promises and poor customer service.

A full-featured shared hosting package is only a few bucks more expensive than free hosting, but it provides greater benefits. If you’re a small business owner, you’ll want to prevent the co-branding and advertisements that come with free hosting.

Myth #2: Shared hosting is Rigid.

Among the most common misconceptions regarding shared hosting is that it is restrictive.

A widespread misconception is that if your business grows even little, you’ll burn shared hosting resources. There’s a concern of being trapped with insufficient storage, RAM, or bandwidth enough to operate your site, or need to find a new hosting service altogether.

Shared hosting is, in fact, incredibly scalable. Various tiers of managed hosting packages are available from the leading providers to fit the demands of site owners who would like to expand their website and organization. A beginner can begin with the most basic shared hosting subscription and increase as their business and website grow.

Myth #3: Shared Web Hosting Isn’t Safe

You might have remembered hearing that shared hosting is less secure than other hosting options. That is not the case; in reality, shared hosting regularly makes use of extremely safe, enterprise-level server resources. Shared paid plans frequently offer network protection, monitoring, and vulnerability scanning. Furthermore, site owners can usually make use of DDoS attack avoidance, network monitoring, as well as other security-related services, all of which are carefully controlled by the hosting company.

Could it be likely that higher-priced hosting is extra secure? If you have the skills and resources to pursue a more hands-on method of cybersecurity; however, if you don’t, an unmanaged VPS hosting package may result in a less safe site than a well-managed shared platform.

Myth #4: Users Can Anticipate Downtime With Shared Hosting

Another typical misunderstanding about shared hosting since it has repeated downtimes. Shared hosting, on the other hand, is quite dependable.

The finest shared hosting services fulfill their promises of dependable service, with 99 percent or higher uptime guarantees. They’ll provide customer assistance 24×7, therefore if you have an issue, you could receive help right away.

Even the best providers sometimes experience customer issues; what distinguishes them from other hosting companies is how they address them.

When you’re using a well-managed shared hosting provider, the company will use servers that are constantly monitored. An automatic switch-over to backup systems, or another remedial action, will guarantee that your site is back up and running before your visitors even realize there was an issue the moment a server has hardware or network issues.

Myth #5: All low-cost web hosting services are awful!

This is a common assumption that something that is cheaper must be bad. It is critical to remember that a decent web host would not break the bank. The services and features offered by the web hosts may vary. As a result, it is critical to evaluate all of them to pick a solid and economical web host.

The Best Windows Shared Hosting provider- Hostbillo

th best windows shared hosting provider

Hostbillo Hosting Solutions are among the most prestigious and award-winning web hosting company. It provides a wide range of cheap Windows shared hosting services and packages. So every plan or package is priced as little as possible. Furthermore, the organization provides high-quality web hosting services using cutting-edge technology.

It offers top-of-the-line hardware and software. With each affordable Window shared hosting package, you also get outstanding support from the company’s technical specialists.

The company’s technically talented experts are available 24×7 a day, to deliver expert and immediate answers to all of your server problems. Explore the sections below to learn more about the services that Hostbillo’s Shared Windows Server Webhosting provides.

Plans of Shared Windows Server Hosting Offered by Hostbillo

The Hostbillo Windows Shared Hosting Plans costs and starts at $1.36 per month and includes the following incredible features.

  • A service level agreement guarantees network uptime of 99.90 percent for your website.
  • The company will give you the Plesk control panel so that you can easily run, manage, and oversee the duties and operations on your server.
  • With the company’s Windows hosting package, you can get an unlimited number of databases and sub-domains.
  • The company gives the actual server a twenty-fold increase in speed as well as redundant power.
  • You can quickly renew your plan and ramp up your resources as your website grows and becomes more necessary.


Windows Shared hosting is treated unfairly, with claims that it is not secure, unreliable, and incapable of scaling with your organization. You now know the truth.

Scalable, safe, and dependable shared hosting is available.

Countless webmasters have chosen this hosting option as their first choice. Furthermore, with its shared server, Hostbillo- Web hosting provides hyper-scale and intensive web hosting services.

This firm ensures that the site runs smoothly and grows at a quicker speed while attracting a large number of visitors. You can get in touch with Hostbillo’s experts right away via a customer care facility to find the best Windows-shared Web hosting service for your website. Anyone can also learn much more about business by going to its official website.



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