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When to Replace your Window Treatment?

Window treatments are one of the most influential home décors in the present time. It is quite capable of completely enhancing the looks of your interior or even demolishing it. As it goes for other things like the overall quality depends on the freshness of the material it is also the same with window treatments.

Window treatments have a family in which some of the window treatments are heavily durable but if you think that they are ever lasting then you are badly wrong.

Everything loses its shape and glamour due to some or many reasons but in the case of window treatments they become ruff mostly because of stains and dirt which is when not cleaned properly on time causes much damage to the fabric and also to the hardware of window treatments hence, they lose their appeal. We must say that window blinds are one of window treatments that required least maintenance, but there are still some factors that you should aware of.


In this talk, we briefly discuss the signs that when seen means it is time to replace the old window treatment with a new one.

Permanent Damage

A huge and obvious sign is that permanent damage means either is the damage that is very hard to cope with or it requires a lot of money to be retrieved.

Permanent damages might be like.

Scratches or holes on your shades somehow.

Badly damaged hardware.

Bending of slats of blinds.

Losing of main operating functionality of window treatment.

In all cases, it is recommended to replace your window treatment. Because even if you somehow cope with the damage the window treatments are not going to be that appealing enough even after all these.

Losing Colors

Colors are the main component of every home décor and if there is no color then the design has no impact either. Same if the window treatment loses its colors then they are all gone.

This mostly happens at the site which mostly outside facing the sun as the sun has UV rays that are capable enough to discolor most of your household items including window treatments

Somehow there are ways to retrieve the color damage, but they might be expensive and time-consuming hence it is recommended to replace them.

Difficult to maintain

Some of the window treatments are quite tricky to clean, some seem impossible or very hard. So why not get rid of them. There are window treatments that are very easy to maintain credit to some kind of unique fabric and material in the hardware.

Not every person is free is enough to be conscious of the proper dusting schedule of their interior so many of them spend much hiring a professional to get the job done.

So when there are window treatments that much durable and easy to maintain and also come along with huge colors and styles then why to bother around those window treatments that are mostly hard to maintain, hence it is recommended to replace them.

Safety is the top Concern

Having corded window treatments and children at the same time and in the same place is not a good thing to consider. Because corded window treatments are not a good option if safety is your concern.

Especially when there are window treatments with cordless options which are still classy and gorgeous even without their Cordes and also become easier to operate then surely there is a solid reason to replace the corded treatments with the cordless treatments.

Old Fashion Window Treatments

Now the world has become more civilized, people are becoming more and more conscious about their lifestyles. They want high quality at a reasonable price and prefer up-to-date stuff over traditional. But there is a need to be sorrowful if the traditional stuff is a concern.

A thing that is up to date doesn’t mean that it is completely changed, rather it means that it might become more functional than ever before, and easier to operate.

But in the case of interior decor, many things seem quite new to match up with the rapidly civilizing earth but many are just a new and better version of a so-called traditional thing like the window treatments.

There are many window treatments that do not just seem traditional but are also now a need or solution to a problem regarding interior design.

So if your traditional window treatments are not good enough to cope with some of the main concerns of the present time like durability, heat or cold control, managing light, and privacy then it is recommended to replace them with a window treatment that is highly capable to cope all these.

Health Issues

Keep the thing in your mind that many window treatments are made from such kind of fabric that might be allergic to some people.

Many window treatments are dust magnets like drapes and curtains because they are made of thick textile and this is not a good thing especially when there are children and pets around, but this is not likely the case with window blinds as they are made of high end materials like aluminum, PVC that makes them very easy to clean and did not require any regular cleaning at all.

So it is recommended to replace these window treatments if you have one of them or if you are going to choose a window treatment then why not first consult with a professional about these.



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