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A brief guide on How to Buy Lederhosen

Since we at Lederhosen Store have talked multiple times on how to buy a German Dirndl dress – the female Bavarian garb traditionally worn in Bavaria. So, today in this article we will talk about how to buy Lederhosen men outfits – the male counterpart to a Dirndl dress. So shall we start?

Lederhosen Men and Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest does not signify the only main time or occasion that people of Bavaria do the traditional trachten outfits, traditional clothing the German Lederhosen men outfit or the German Dirndl Dress to. There are plenty of summer celebrations, fall celebrations, beer celebrations, live events, and so on, to which the Bavarians prefer to wear their traditional clothing. 

Where can you wear Traditional Lederhosen?

You can wear trachten by any means of them. Here we will show you the various types of German lederhosen you, or your better half can purchase. Be prepared to witness through a huge style and material variety of lederhosen, as there are much a larger number of styles than you expect of traditional Lederhosen.

Lederhosen in a real are leather pants, however the pants aren’t the main piece of the outfit. You have your Lederhosen, dress shirt, sock, shoes, and at times a cap and coat. You can get as extravagant as you need here people!


Traditional lederhosen men are made of leather. So first thing first, these will be costly. The incredible thing about the German lederhosen is that it stays and keeps its look of remaining spotless and laborers would have the option to wear them again and again without washing.

Lederhosen Suspenders

The fundamental styles include the lederhosen suspenders that make the state of an M on the front or suspenders that just have one piece of texture crossing in the middle. Mostly the second option is preferred. 

You can likewise wear them without the lederhosen suspenders, as basically the leather shorts. They come in three distinct lengths; short, long, and just underneath the knee. It is uncommon to see a ton of long ones and certainly the mass inclination is towards the ones that go underneath the knee. As far as we might be concerned, the short ones look diverting on grown-ups. The tones in leather can likewise change from tan to dark and favor more obscure hued leather.

Bavarian Shirts

The shirts are regularly plaid or plain. We really like the woolen clothes so matching them with the mens lederhosen is a particularly extraordinary look. There are so many different shading colors and blends to look over and likely the most ideal way to pick is by organizing with your better half’s dirndl dress.

Lederhosen Socks

During the hotter months you’ll need to match some fleece socks with the German lederhosen. You think that they are moved down, short, long, or even this style in the center. We really like the more extended look, yet regardless the socks are a major piece of the general style statement of a Dirndl.

Suede Shoes for Lederhosen

You’ll have to polish off the look with a pleasant set of Leather Suede shoes for your German Lederhosen outfit. There is a traditional style however that doesn’t mean you need to go out and get them. Any pleasant looking sets of suede shoes will do. Don’t make a mistake of wearing any other kinds of shoes with the main German Lederhosen garb, trust us, it doesn’t look great. Regardless, stay with a dark or earthy colored tone for your suede shoes.

The Extras

Since you have every one of the essentials you are good to go to go to Oktoberfest or some other fest in Bavaria. Yet, there are a few additional items that you can add assuming you are so disposed. There are coats, sweaters, caps, vests, belts, etc. These additional items simply help to make the outfit more extravagant. Yet, wearing the rudiments is fine as well. 

The fun part is observing what you like to concoct your exceptional outfit! Figuring the most ideal way to observe your set is by going to a genuine store like the Lederhosen Store, and choose the top picks from there.  

Lederhosen Demographic 

So what different nations would you be able to see Lederhosen? 

Austria, Switzerland, and portions of Northern Italy. At any point can’t help thinking about why Pinocchio wears lederhosen? It very well might be a direct result of a mashup of locales and societies that they chose to dress an Italian person in traditional Bavarian clothing.

Lederhosen for Sale

Head over to our online shop, the Lederhosen Store and pick out a piece that speaks your style and increases your debonair charisma. Our products are made from 100% genuine leather and are impeccably stitched to offer you comfort and extreme durability of the garment. 

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Here’s to trusting that your trachten shopping is made somewhat simpler and on the off chance that you’re not going to Oktoberfest or a fest at this year, ideally you find this data intriguing.

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