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6 Colours to Wear to Complement Your Personality

Not only do the shades, tones, and hues of colour you wear regularly impact your emotional health and well-being, but different colours will also make a huge impression on how your body looks.

So, if you have found yourself stuck in somewhat of a rut when it comes to the colours you tend to choose in clothing and accessories, then continue reading to learn of six key colours to complement your personality. 

1. Blue Creates a Powerful First Impression 

If, for example, you have a job interview approaching in the next few weeks, then you will want to create a powerful and capable impression on the panel of interviewers.

Wearing navy and darker blues in the form of trousers or skirt suit will make you feel ‘put together’ and ready for anything that the interviewers may throw at you. 

2. Yellow Connects You to Your Youth

The colour of the sun, that beautifully bright yellow, unfortunately, does not tend to suit every person’s skin tone and is usually much more suited to those with a darker complexion, or at least a suntan. 

In most cultures and nationalities across the entire world, the colour yellow tends to signify happiness, a cheerful outlook, and a warm disposition. Wearing clothes with yellow prints, or else entirely block yellow, will make you feel more positive, even if you are just going out to the shops. 

3. Purple Will Bring Out Your Playful Side 

A much less well-worn colour, especially when it comes to statement pieces of outerwear, such as coats and jackets, is purple, as it certainly draws the eye of anyone you will encounter. 

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4. Black Represents Ambition 

There is a reason why black seems to be the go-to colour for people who consider themselves to be professionals and is by far the most worn colour for businessmen and women. 

The reasoning behind consistently choosing black as the basis of an outfit, particularly when you still want to wear black clothing when not at work, has been delved into scientifically by several different research studies. 

Black is the colour people choose to wear when they are trying to protect themselves from situations that they predict they may feel uncomfortable and need to armour themselves. In addition, black has also been found to be worn by people who are trying to become more conformist and suppress any spontaneous feelings to maintain focus and concentration. 

5. Green is a Symbol of Good Health & Wellbeing 

If you tend to avoid wearing the colour green, either in deep emerald and forest tones or else in brighter lime green, then it may well be time to treat yourself to a new sweater or shirt in a shade of green. 

Although most people do not believe that surrounding yourself with the colour green will automatically lead to a long and healthy life, there is certainly something to be said about wearing the colour green regularly and linking that to a more peaceful and positive overall mindset. 

6. Red Conveys Passion & Intrigue

The familiar trope, often used in films, novels, and on television – that of the scarlet woman -has made the colour red entirely synonymous with passion and excitement and it is certainly true to say that if you regularly choose to wear red, you are conveying a certain vibe to some. 

The colour red is represented in a variety of different ways across different cultures and even religions, but wearing red is always seen as a brave colour to cover yourself in. If you are someone who is feeling as if they are stuck in their comfort zone, then perhaps investing in a red dress for your next evening social event will inspire you to be that little bit braver and slightly more confident. Red is a colour that will help you to stand out from the crowd, so should be celebrated and embraced as such.

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