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A Complete Guide to Owning Your First Electric Scooter

Buying a new mode of transport, be that a skateboard or a pair of roller skates, or else a brand-new car off the forecourt or a motorbike, is an extremely exciting process from start to finish, and the internet can be a wealth of knowledge when it comes to coming to a final decision. 

The world of scooters, however, is such a niche community that, if you are currently looking into buying and learning to ride one yourself, you may well not be able to find as much information. So, with that in mind, continue reading to discover the complete guide to owning your very first electric scooter. 

The Primary Benefits of Buying an Electric Scooter

Even though you may have already bought an electric scooter and are currently learning how to ride it and maintain your new machine, it would still be a good idea to cement your decision, especially if you are finding it difficult to motivate yourself to take it out for a long drive.

The primary benefits of choosing an electric scooter are, amongst a host of others:

  • Electric scooters are much easier to park, especially in busy cities.
  • Electric scooters are fun to drive.
  • Electric scooter owners have their own private community.
  • Electric scooters are much easier to manoeuvre in heavy traffic.
  • Electric scooters are an eco-friendlier alternative to a car or van.

In addition, one excellent advantage to an electric scooter is the impressive amount of money you will save on fuel and even parking costs compared to driving a car. 

How to Tell a Reputable Retailer from a Dodgy One

When shopping around for the ideal electric scooter for you, it is as much about the supplier you are intending to purchase it from as the actual machine itself, and if you are treating yourself to a high-end electric piaggio, make sure you buy from a renowned and established dealer. 

There are some simple yet fundamentally important questions to ask the supplier, or indeed, conduct research around for yourself, to separate the wheat from the chaff, which includes whether they have a point of contact in your own country, whether they have CE certification, and how long the brand itself has been around for.

Other important things to look out for are the standard and quality of their brand reviews, if they accept returns if the scooter is faulty, and whether the company and indeed the maker of the scooter is active on social media. 

Top Tips for First-Time Owners

If you are not from a motorcycling family, and instead, you are approaching riding your very first motorbike or electric scooter for the first time, just like driving a car, you need to be aware of much more than simply what you learnt in your lessons. Indeed, most of your learning will happen once you’re fully on the road.

As you probably already know, motorbikes and scooters are far less forgiving than a car and, as such, you should choose a scooter from the less powerful range, at least to start. Good control of the throttle should be mastered before you take the bike on any kind of long journey and you should accelerate each time you change lanes.

If you are in any doubt of a potential hazard on the road, you must also slow down, as reducing speed is the key to safe scooter driving. 

Keep Calm & Lean into Corners

Finally, once you have purchased your brand-new electric scooter from a reputable retailer, have taken time to familiarise yourself with the controls and have taught yourself scooter maintenance and know that you need to take it steady. 

When it comes to traveling around corners, you should always keep your eye on the corner itself, and not deviate your eyesight, even for a second, when you are preparing to turn. Once you are just before the corner, seamlessly shift your weight onto the inside foot peg from the outside one, at the same time as dipping down your shoulder, and leaning your upper body to the inside. 

Once you are safely around the corner, only then you should shift your weight back to the normal balance of driving. 

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