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Why Interactive Videos Are Essential For Companies?

What we traditionally knew as marketing has been adding new formats, new mechanisms and objectives. Today, we must talk about other content and adapt to the times and searches on the web. For this reason, today at Cinema8 we have to talk about interactive content and its importance for companies.

What is interactive content?

As its name indicates, interactive content is that which allows the user to interact with the website or platform in real time. It could be defined as a way to have an in-the-moment conversation with users. It should not be confused with interaction. Although the interaction allows communication between users and companies, it is not necessarily in real time and does not offer users the possibility of being part of the content offered, of truly getting closer to the company.

One of the great benefits of interactivity has to do with the fact that it provides dynamism. It is a way to generate loyalty with users, who can “appropriate” the site, build trust and be part of it. All these sensations generate belonging.

Nowadays, interactivity is an excellent way to generate and capture the attraction of the user or potential client. Since you are given the opportunity to participate in the content you consume, to be the creator of what you want to receive, to give your opinion, to compete, to be part of a world.

What types of interactive content exist today?

Well, there are different types of interactive content today, the most prominent are:

  • Questionnaires
  • The evaluations
  • The chats
  • The interactive video
  • The polls
  • The questions
  • Interactive infographics

The importance of storytelling

Nowadays, the stories have become the big stars, sought after by all kinds of brands and companies. For this reason, terms such as “storytelling” have become essential.

If before it was possible to attract the attention of users with an image, today this no longer works in the same way. Therefore, it is necessary to resort to other strategies. Among them, telling stories currently stands out.

Stories are a way to create a prominent environment, in which users can give an account of the brand. They allow emotional bonds to be created between the brand and consumers or potential consumers.

These are narratives that generate a much deeper bond, which ends up making customers loyal to the company with which they build identification. In short, the relationship that is achieved is similar to reading a good book, which can generate a permanent search and a relationship of empathy and “affection” with a certain author. The same is beginning to happen with companies that build these emotional bridges that are stories.

The stories told in interactive videos allow the audience to be attracted and involved in the company’s content and work. Therefore, it is said that it considerably improves engagement. And, at the same time, they offer companies the possibility of knowing their audience better, collecting data and offering a better experience.

What are the creative processes for videos?

Clearly, it is not just about capturing a series of images or moving images and putting them one after another without criteria. The first step in building a story is the idea. It is she who will determine the horizons of what will come later.

After the idea, follow the script. The script is responsible for translating the previously thought idea into something that will be done later in production. It is the way to guarantee that the idea comes to fruition, that creativity is seen in the final product.

Then we proceed to the production, which has to do with the staging and the technological commitment to achieve the planned objectives. Interactive video entails other types of work and tools than traditional video, which are the ones that turn them to their interactivity objectives. It’s about giving it the right shape so that people can participate and

Get something interesting through that exchange.

What objectives should a video meet?

Regarding its objectives, the phases of the interactive video are the following:

  • Attract
  • Involve
  • Connect
  • Turn into

Let’s talk about augmented reality

Augmented reality is key in this new situation. It is a set of technologies that favor the user to observe the real world through a technological device. But, in addition, that device offers him additional information about what he is seeing. Today, augmented reality is used both in games and in videos and marketing campaigns.

Business applications

There are many ways in which companies are navigating and exploring interactivity. This is because the response from its users is excellent, which allows them to confidently continue the project.

An interesting example is Starbucks for the holidays. Thanks to its ingenuity and its interactive capacity, the coffee and sweet drinks firm offered buyers the possibility of having fun enjoying a wide range of images originating from the approach of their cell phones to the brand’s glasses or packaging.



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