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5 New Elements of Printing Boxes In 2022

Printed product packaging is one of the important communication tools used by businesses these days. It can be designed according to your marketing plan and branding specifications to bring a boost in sales. An exceptionally designed printing box can create more awareness about your brand and increases customer loyalty.

A brand is no longer only a product. It includes everything which can provide a memorable customer experience. The elements necessary to focus on are shapes, typography, texture, color combinations, logo, and a lot more. An impactful packaging becomes the focus of design trends. 2021 has been a year of innovative developments when it comes to printed boxes packaging.

Showcasing the colors, thinking outside the box, and introducing budget-friendly printing techniques, etc. have been the main concern for the manufacturers. Some have also started working on high-end enhancements like embossing, UV coating, aqueous coating, die-cutting, and gloss/matte lamination, etc. All these developments have given rise to several new aspects across the packaging sector. Lets us have a view of five new elements of printing boxes getting trendy in 2021:


With the rising environmental concerns, sustainability is no longer a fashion rather it’s a need of time. It has become a way of life for the majority of consumers and can affect their decision-making process. When it comes to packaging, businesses have started using sustainability as a theme in branding. They include compostable or recycled material in their packaging design to make it more appealing for the consumers.

Creating smaller and custom-sized printed boxes for a product is also a rising trend in sustainability. This is because the consumers of today have become more conscious to know how much of their packaging is tossed into the trash. Less packaging waste equals the less cost associated with printing, thus making sustainability an important element to consider for boxes printing.

Color Blends

Colors play a significant role in branding and consumer engagement. Although color trends change with every passing season, yet they have a major influence in determining the purchasing patterns. An overall trend cross packaging industry in 2021 focuses on natural colors and neutral tones. A splash of light colors adds a unique dimension to your product design and also works well in conjunction with branding.

Sometimes a printing box designed by using an elegant color blend can give a more stand-out effect than the one designed by using a couple of loud colors. Such packaging puts a wonderful impression on the customers’ minds and they begin to associate your product/service with this color. Consistent and natural colors compliment your logo and help in attracting, engaging, and reinforcing a positive connection with your brand.


A storytelling packaging connects the customers automatically with your products. Your printed boxes can be an effective communication tool to share your brand’s story, mission, and vision. Designing them in a storytelling way can make them more appealing during the customer journey. Before getting too far with your products, start developing a story early on.

The use of printed packaging is the best way to tell the customers who you are as a brand or what values you can deliver to the target audience. Telling an interesting story about your brand is necessary to make it grow. It also helps in building brand association. If explained well, a story can become a part of your product and its packaging design. This candy packaging is a good example of it.

The package is designed attractively in a story-telling way to appeal to the customers. Each candy bar is a chapter having illustrations. When packaging is placed side by side, it forms a complete panorama of the Sicilian countryside. The printed packaging also highlights the rich and nutritional ingredients used to make each candy bar. This visual representation of various cultures, art, and cuisines is perfect to give a new perspective to your product’s packaging in 2021.


If you want to make your brand special for the customers, here is the secret. Its personalization! Creating personalized printed packages can increase your brand’s repute. Even if you have started a new small-scale business, you can easily capitalize on this trend by offering customization on your short runs.

The use of different and advanced printing techniques has made things easier for you. You can add an extra personalized touch to your packing slips, receipts, business cards, and other promotional materials. Personalization plays an important role in providing a great unboxing experience to the customers. Printing a special message inside the box, placing a custom thank you note or a discounted voucher is some of the most effective ways to retain customers’ interest in your brand.


Minimalism is a trend that has been ruling for several years and is still expected to dominate in 2021.  A majority of brands are using the principle of minimalistic design to create their visual identity including the product packaging. By working on this style, the designers strip away all the unnecessary elements from the design, making it good enough to convey your branding message.

In the case of boxes printing, minimalism helps to bring focus to the core elements of color, graphics, and typeface. As a result, the color and typography shine upon the packaging. Minimalism has made the designers realize that less is more especially when it comes to creating a variety of designs. In 2021, due to minimalism, the focus will be on creating clean designs free from clutter.



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