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What types of side sleeper pillows are there?

Side sleeper pillows are commercially available in different versions, babocush tummy rocker which differ depending on the shape of sleeping comfort. Below we present the different types of side sleeper pillows:

Side sleeper cushion in chopstick shape

  • Cushions in a long, rectangular shape
  • Serves as a storage cushion for the lateral position
  • Increases the knees and arms, thereby preventing bending of the shoulders and pelvis
  • Does not replace the pillow

Side sleeper cushion in U-shape

  • U-shaped side sleeper cushions support double
  • Replaces the pillow and also serves as a neck pillow
  • Ideally suited as a pregnancy pillow
  • Can also be used to stabilize breastfeeding
  • Side sleeper in 7-piece shape

Shape equals the number 7

  • Stabilizes the head, arms, and legs
  • Replaces the pillow and supports a healthy posture
  • Takes up less space in the bed than a U-shaped pillow

Orthopedic side sleeper pillow

  • Special neck support pillow to relieve the neck
  • Stabilizes only the cervical spine, but not the pelvis or shoulders
  • Replaces the pillow and can also be used as a sleeping pillow for other lying positions

In order for the side sleeper pillow to work against back pain and tension, it is important that you find the right model for your personal needs. According to independent side sleeper pillow tests on the Internet, in addition to the shape, other factors also play an important role in the purchase. These include, among others, the following points:

  • Size
  • Reference
  • Filling
  • Care

Size: Choose side sleeper pillows to match body size

The size of the side sleeper pillow determines the sleeping comfort and the support effect. In order to achieve optimal stabilization of the body, weight limit for a baby swing the side sleeper pillow should be long enough to be able to place the arms and legs on it. Rod-shaped side sleeper pillows in 40 x 145 cm size are best suited for people with a height of less than 1.80 m. For users over 1.80 m, the side sleeper pillow in 40 x 145 cm size is too small and then does not offer sufficient stabilization of the body.

Some manufacturers also offer extra long-side sleeper pillows with a length of up to 170 cm for large users. Especially with ergonomically shaped side sleeper pillows, it is important that the size fits the body optimally. Otherwise, the ergonomic side sleeper pillow will not be able to fulfill its purpose and improve the quality of sleep.



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