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Buying advice kidney warmer – buy the best kidney warmer

There are offers in all price ranges

Whether you’re buying a joint warmer or a kidney warmer, how are knee pads supposed to fit you should take a look at the price. Find out whether the expensive kidney warmers differ significantly from the cheap body warmers. In numerous tests for kidney warmers, you can see whether your selected back warmer is really suitable for everyday use or whether there are even better versions of hip warmers.

Wearing kidney warmers during sports

With a kidney warmer, you can grab freshness even in the winter without having to worry about contracting a bladder infection. You will also be able to enjoy many outdoor sports activities with the hip warmer while protecting your kidneys from the cold. In hip warmer tests, it is often seen that the products do not restrict the freedom of movement. Thus, they are suitable for a variety of winter sports. However, it’s a must-need along with taking физиотерапия on a regular basis!

Some kidney warmers are expensive, but they are made of high-quality material, which can keep your kidneys very warm. To comprehensively protect your kidneys, you should not be afraid to invest a little more in a kidney warmer. Skilled hobbyists can sew a kidney warmer themselves.

Questions and answers about kidney warmers

Which manufacturers are there?

The range of kidney warmers is quite large nowadays. Below you will find some manufacturers and brands of kidney warmers offered in pharmacies, drugstores, and on the Internet:

  • AGIA 
  • TEX 
  • Mamaband 
  • Harry 
  • Duley 
  • Kidneykaren

Is there already a body warmer test from Stiftung Warentest?

So far, no test on back warmers has been carried out by Stiftung Warentest.

However, if you often suffer from bladder complaints, the test on the subject of bladder and kidney tea is certainly an interesting supplement.

Is it possible to knit a kidney warmer?

Yes, kidney warmers you can knit yourself with a little skill and patience. The advantage of knitting is that you can create a wide variety of types and types of kidney warmers with different colors and patterns, giving free rein to your imagination.

Why are kidney warmers so important?

The kidneys, abdomen, and lower back form the power center of our body, according to many comparisons for kidney warmers. In many cultures, therefore, this area is given a lot of attention. advantage of knee pads for flooring in the Far East, this body center is called “Hara”. There, this region of the body is almost respected and respected. Therefore, in Japan, for example, a kidney warmer is very often worn. Over time, different categories of back warmers have also developed there.

In addition, a hypothermic back area quickly leads to a number of medical problems, such as cystitis or muscle tension.



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