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What Do You Need to Know about Cowboy Hats?

Hats are one of the most popular fashion accessories in the world. They will showcase your personality and fashion statement. Both men and women wear hats as per their outfits to stand apart from the crowd. 

However, choosing the perfect one is not a child’s play. You have to consider various factors to choose the perfect one. Even though hat are extremely versatile and available in different styles, designs, and shapes, nothing is as popular as cowboy hats. 

If this is your first time wearing cowboy hat, you might not know some essential details. In this article, we will discuss some essential things that you need to know about cowboy hats. 

What is the Purpose and Meaning behind Cowboy Hat Colors?

You cannot just randomly choose a color for your cowboy hats. If you want to wear cowboy hats during summer, you should go for light colors as they reflect sunlight. On the other hand, dark colors such as black are best for the winter months as it absorbs sunlight. However, black is the most formal color for cowboy hats. This is why most men choose black cowboy hats irrespective of the season. 

Black is undoubtedly one of the most popular color options for cowboy hats. If you choose brown followed by black, you will be able to stand apart from the crowd. But choosing the perfect color for your cowboy hats is not easy. While picking, you need to remember the neutral colors. Black matches with pretty much every outfit. Remember that your western hats will reflect your personality. Hence, the color you choose should also be relevant to your taste and ambition. 

Why You Should Put Your Hats Upside Down?

Even though cowboy hats are not an expensive investment, you still need to take proper care of them. This is because they will make your outfits look complete and you might not find the same option all the time. Do you know why most people put their cowboy hat upside down? This is turned up brim is a common feature in cowboy hats. While putting the hat upside down, the brim or the shape of the cowboy hat won’t be affected. Another reason is purely based on superstition. People believe that putting the hat upside down will bring good luck. As per the Conversation, many people believe in superstition.

What You Should Avoid With Your Cowboy Hats?

Unlike other hats, the cowboy hat etiquettes are extremely important. If you’re wearing cowboy hat for the first time, you might not know very much about the hat etiquettes. There are times when you need to remove the cowboy hat. This will help others realize that you’re a gentleman and pay your respect towards something or someone. During the national anthem or pledge of the alliance are two common situations when you need to remove cowboy hat. You also need to remove your hats during prayer and having lunch. 

Why Cowboy Hat Curl Up?

Over time, your cowboy hat will go through changes in shape that will fulfill the requirement of the owners. This is why your cowboy hat will feel more comfortable after using them a couple of times. The brim of the hats gets curved up on the sides so that they can stay out of the way of ropes. Not to mention, the crown becomes more pinched so that you can control the hat properly. 

Are Cowboy Hats a Great Fashion Statement in 2022?

If you think that the cowboy boots are the only fashion accessories in 2022 that will help you achieve a western look, you’re mistaken. Cowboy hats are one of the most trending fashion accessories for 2022. When you choose the best cowboy hats as per your preferences and appearance, you will be able to showcase your fashion statement without any problem. 

Cowboy hat are extremely fashionable. It doesn’t matter what you wear with the cowboy hat, they will look marvelous. And as mentioned earlier, cowboy hat will help you stand apart from the crowd. 

Can You Wear Cowboy Hats Indoors?

Even though it’s a mandatory etiquette for people to remove their cowboy hat indoors, whether they are praying to God or having dinner with friends or family members, there is one exception when people can wear cowboy hat indoors. In the cowboy church, cowboys are allowed to wear hats. However, they need to remove the hat while praying to God. 

How Can You Keep Your Cowboy Hat On?

Many people don’t know how to prevent the cowboy hat from falling. Even if you purchase cowboy hat of perfect size, there will be a situation when you need to secure the hats on your head more precisely. 

Stampede strings are one of the most effective things that will help you secure your cowboy hats on your head properly. The stampede strings wrap under your chin so that you can use your cowboy hat even in strong wind. You can use grommets and a pair of grommet pliers to add stampede strings to your cowboy hat. 

What Does It Mean by 20x Cowboy Hats?

This is one of the most important things you need to know about cowboy hat. Many people don’t know the meaning of X and end up purchasing wrong or fake cowboy hat. The X will determine the fine fur of the cowboy hat. The finer the fur of the cowboy hat, the more the X’s a hat will be. 

Can You Wear Cowboy Hats in Bar?

As mentioned earlier, the cowboy hat need to be taken off indoors. When you go inside a building, restaurant, or pub, you need to remove your cowboy hat to showcase respect and tradition. However, if the occasion is informal, you can put your cowboy hat back on your head. But if the occasion is formal, you need to remove it. 

When You Should Wear Cowboy Hat?

There are no designated seasons for the cowboy hat. You can wear them anytime. However, summer is the best season to wear cowboy hat. This is because cowboy hat will protect your face and eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Additionally, the great air circulation of the cowboy hats will help you keep your head cool. 


These are some essential things you need to know about cowboy hat. If you want to purchase effective and beautiful western hats, make sure you contact us. 



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