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Are You Planning to Design Your Dream Kitchen Space? The Factors to Keep in Mind

Almost every homeowner wants to design their dream kitchen space. And they feel that it will take a considerable amount of money. The truth is, all it takes is good planning and awareness of the latest trends in kitchen décor.

So, are you all set to design your kitchen space? If yes, you have already read a lot about it, and now you are confused because the options are many. Or it could be that you haven’t started your research about it. In both situations, this article will come to help. Here we will discuss some of the décor trends that will help to design your kitchen space the way you always wanted it. If you follow these guidelines, you will have good-looking kitchen space and functionality.

  1. The vibrant cabinetry

The classic Shaker cabinetry is still in vogue, and it embraces ample shades. Today, people are searching for practical, matt colors that enable an anti-fingerprint finish. It is a popular choice. However, today you will get to see it in bolder shades. Also, aligned with other interior trends, greens and blues are becoming very popular. It is becoming a new trend almost. Today, several homeowners are keen to opt-in for the darker and bolder shades in their cabinetry. It can comprise forest green, teal blue, and anthracite grey. These colors are trending today, keeping in mind the current choices of the homeowner.

  1. Choose smart storage

Today, when we all are trying to declutter for complete wellbeing, it’s essential to pay attention to storage. And this holds true for the kitchens, where people require several things, right from ingredients to the cooking device. The concealed and well-placed kitchen storage ideas are what will come to help.

When planning your kitchen design, you need to make the required space to keep the clutter away from the sight so that the space works in your favor. The storage should focus on the practical aspect other than making it appear technologically advanced. Today, the consumers are searching for ample and easy storage, for instance, the pan drawers on the island and the huge-opening larder units.

Several kitchen storage service providers say that their customers are asking to increase the storage. There have been kitchen remodel and design solutions where customers wanted a compact floor space and high ceilings. And the result was tall wall storage, including an integrated fridge-freezer, pull-out larder, and butler pantry.

  1. Choose a good and fancy kitchen sink

If you think that no one notices your kitchen sink, you are wrong. The truth is your kitchen sink matters in the overall look of the kitchen design. Hence, it would help if you chose it well. Ensure to choose a kitchen sink that looks smart and also does its job well. It would help if you also placed it strategically so that it can enhance the kitchen décor. When it comes to designing a kitchen with a stylish sink, you need to take professional help to arrive at the best decision.

  1. Practical and stylish worksurfaces

Today, you can check out the service providers that offer different product choices, which almost resemble a marble. When it comes to the worksurface material, quartz is a good choice. It is highly durable, and you can clean it easily. It also ensures easy maintenance. Several clients love to cook and want to opt in for a work surface that doesn’t get stained easily.

However, it also depends on the budget. Hence, having a discussion on the contrast is an ideal starting point when you are planning to design your kitchen space. For instance, the light doors using a dark work surface are good choices. However, you also need to understand how heatproof, hardwearing, and stain-resistant it can be. If you have a budget to maintain, you might want to blend in the wood-impact laminate for your primary kitchen. And if you can match the doors, cabinetry, and worktops matching, it will provide a streamlined look. Today, service providers customize the worktops using concrete and recyclable brick rubble. It is 100% renewable energy and proves to be a good choice.

  1. The correct wood flooring plan

You need to pay attention to the kitchen flooring ideas as well. People often think if they should opt-in for vinyl and porcelain. However, the wood impact is good as it is easy to maintain and easy to clean. The wood-effect porcelain tiles are laid in the herringbone pattern for the one-plan kitchen extensions, with ample natural light streaming. It can bring in the element of warmth and the space texture, and it doesn’t fade into the sunlight.

Today, some homeowners match the wood-effect paneling to the wood-effect laminate worktops for increased success. The porcelain worktops are accessible in a thinner profile, enabling them to opt for a similar material atop the wall as splash backs.

Usually, the flooring trends are always not visible. The sustainable options are also massive consideration for the customers with an eco-friendly flooring, such as wood, lino, cork, and others. In case it gets presented using similar choices, the people can always select one that has an effect on the ambiance.

Last but not least, you can opt-in for contemporary handles. Today, increased importance has been given to the handles. Popular choices are the Shaker door and the modern knurled brass or black handle. However, we have come across a few kitchen spaces with a slab door, and a contrasting brass or gold recessed profile detail, providing a new-age look. Such warmer metallics are a good way for pairing with green or blue units. However, even the stone-effect doors are considered a good option. Today, you might have a brand-new sandstone or earthy finish that reflects the mix of nature and the environment.

These are some of the essential aspects to opt-in for when you are thinking about designing your kitchen space. These guidelines will enable you to walk in the correct line and give your kitchen space a look you want.



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