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What do I have to pay particular attention to when buying?

If you want a modern design that fits well into timeless furnishings, we recommend the glass bathroom scale. It is timeless, is magic eraser safe for acrylic tubs easy to clean due to the smooth surface, and also looks very discreet.

Load capacity (in kg): Many scales register up to 180 kilograms

So that even heavier overweight can be easily measured with a bathroom scale, you should pay attention to the load capacity. Most bathroom scales now measure up to 180 kilograms and are therefore very robust. Only individual models can be loaded with 200 kilograms.

Body fat display provides additional information

The weight is one thing, how high the body fat percentage is, the other. More and more digital scales now also show the proportion of body fat, so that you can better assess your weight.

Match design to the furnishing style

Usually, a bathroom scale is used in the bathroom. In order for this to integrate well into the room, its design should be coordinated with the furnishings there. A bathroom scale made of stainless steel or glass fits well into modern facilities.

Memory function facilitates weight evaluation

If you want to observe and compare your weight over a longer period of time, a scale with a memory function is ideal. These are available in different variants and with different storage options. The body fat scale with app function offers you very extensive comparison options. This allows the data to be stored and read on the mobile phone.

Scaling should be clearly visible

Especially with an analog bathroom scale, you have to take a closer look at the scaling. Make sure that you can read them without major problems and that they are designed as clearly as possible.

Bathroom scale test or comparison: The most important user questions and answers about bathroom scales

The last category of our great buying advice once again answers common questions that consumers ask when choosing a good body scale. With this, we want to help you to find the best bathroom scale.

How does a bathroom scale work?

Regardless of the features that stand out in a body scale test, all personal scales actually work according to the same principle.

For example, the so-called load cells are mounted under the tread. These metal blocks are provided with strain gauges.

As soon as you get on the scale, the metal blocks initially change minimally. This also adjusts the tension ratio of the wire. clean shower wall panels a small amount of current flows through this strain gauge. The electrical resistance, in turn, adapts due to the voltage ratio.

A microchip located in the balance registers the increase in resistance and can in turn determine the weight. For this purpose, reference values are stored in each balance.

Which bathroom scale measures exactly?

If you want to find out about the accuracy of a bathroom scale, it is best to look at more than one bathroom scale test. As a rule, very different models prevail here, whereby it is also relevant for which weight range the scales are suitable.



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