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How to find the right product in our suction-wiping robot comparison

Are you still cleaning or relaxing? With a suction-wiping robot, you no longer have to swing the wiper yourself and climb over the vacuum cleaner, but can leave this to the fully automatic devices.

In a suction-wipe-robot test, they shine particularly well with the various equipment features. cost to replace kitchen faucet the devices generally have two tanks, brushes, and cleaning cloth at the bottom. Compare the suction-wiping robots with our table and find out which models are suitable for up to 180 square meters.

Buying advice: How to find the right product in our suction-wiping robot comparison 2022

The most important in a nutshell

Suction-wiping robots take over the automatic cleaning of your floors. They are suitable for various hard floors. Equipped with a battery, the robots move wirelessly through the room.

In general, these devices combine the function of a vacuum cleaner with the wiping function. Both functions are executed at the same time so that the overall time required is low.

Always adapt the equipment to your living situation. If your apartment is winding, you should always opt for devices that have a mapping function. This allows you to set the directions.

The times when you still have to swing brooms and scrubbers yourself are, thank God, over. Smart household appliances relieve you of these tasks and thus give you more free time in everyday life. In addition to the individual suction and wiping robot, there are also combination devices. This allows the suction-wiping robots to pick up dust and dirt at the same time and moisten the floor.

Depending on the equipment and dimensions (in cm), a suction-wiping robot is just as suitable for large areas as it is for smaller rooms. Since the devices move fully automatically, you should use the usually existing mapping function, especially for winding rooms. Here you can easily determine how the suction-wiping robot should move through the room.

If you are looking for the best suction-wiping robot for your home, you should not let an individual comparison be taken away. With our suction-wipe-robot comparison 2022, we help you with the selection. Find out with our table which suction-wiping robots can be controlled with an app and which devices also cope well with animal hair.

What is a suction-wipe robot?

Models offered as suction-wiping robots are combination cleaning robots that do two works of floor cleaning in one go. They are comparable to wet-dry vacuum cleaners that you operate by hand.

The suction-wiping robots move quietly through the room and vacuum and wipe the surface. To make this possible, the devices are equipped with two tanks.

One picks up the dust during vacuuming, the other contains the water for moist floor cleaning.

Depending on the technical equipment, best kitchen faucet the suction-wiping robots offer a very different cleaning radius. If you are looking for a suction-wiping robot for large areas, it must first and foremost have sufficiently high battery life. In addition, the water tank must be the right size.

In general, the suction-wiping robots are counted among the intelligent household appliances, whereby there are considerable differences between the models. For example, not every suction-wiping robot is equipped with room detection. As a rule, the suction-wiping robots work without special cleaning agents.

On which floors does a suction-wiping robot work?

First and foremost, the suction-wiping robot is intended for parquet, laminate, PVC, and other hard floors. Thus, a suction-wiping robot on tiles can achieve good results. While some robot vacuums can also be used on carpets, this is not recommended for suction-wiping robots.



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