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What are the benefits of drinking safe water for Healthy life?

Water is the utmost essential and necessarily important element in human life. Our source of body fluids comprising blood, saliva, lymph, urines and digestive enzymes etc. is water. Water regulates all body functions. Water is the chief source for carrying energy to every cell in the body. Our brain is made up of 80% of water; acute dehydration can cause mental instability and inability to think clearly. Our body needs 6-8 glass of pure water daily to function properly. The developing and infantile countries are facing the problem of unsafe and impure drinking water, leading to many waterborne diseases. Every year many people are dying due to lack of safe water particularly pregnant woman and children are suffering from this problem.

  1. It forms mucus and saliva- Saliva keeps the moth, eye, nose moist and helps us to digest foods. This prevents roughness and damage. Drinking enough water keeps the mouth clean and fresh. It also balances the good bacteria in our mouth and restrains tooth decay.
  2. It delivers oxygen throughout the body – Blood consists more than 90 percent of water, it is the chief source to carry oxygen and nutrients to different parts of our body cells and keeps the body function smooth.
  3. Joint lubricant-   Cartilage, found in joints and the disks of the spine consists around 80 percent water. Long term can lessen the joint’s shock absorbing ability, leading to joint pain and muscle cramp. Drinking enough and proper water keeps the joints and disks lubricated and healthy.
  4. Regulates body temperature- Body sweats when it heats up, this comes from the middle layer of the skin. When it evaporates, it cools the body and reduces the temperature.  In sports or other physical activities when there is less water in the body, temperature increases and makes person exhausted. Having a lot of water in the body can reduce physical strain. It balances the body temperature.
  5. Healthy Digestive System- Drinking less water can cause digestive problems and an overly acidic stomach which increases the risk of heart burn and stomach ulcers. Drinking enough water keeps our digestive system healthy and bowel normal.
  6. Flushes body waste- Water doesn’t necessarily nullify toxin, the kidneys do use water to get clear of certain waste. Kidneys, need the proper amount of fluid to continue their function. If body lacks of water, then metabolic wastes will not be removed proficiently.
  7. Helps to maintain blood pressure- Normal blood pressure is vital to our body. Ideal pressure forces our blood to flow around the circulatory system. It is an important force to push oxygen and nutrients around our body system to nourish tissues and organs. Normal pressure is very necessary as it delivers white blood cells and antibodies for immunity, and hormones. A lack of water can cause blood to become thicker, increasing the blood pressure.  So, it is very necessary to drink safe water adequately.
  8. It boosts skin health and beauty- Drinking purified water keeps your body hydrated and flush out toxins naturally, so skin become clean and healthy. Skin is the biggest organ of the body and mostly made up of water which helps to skin look smooth, wrinkle free and elastic. Not only the amount water intake is important but also quality. Consumption of contaminated water can increase your body’s toxic level. Various types of pollutants found in water from pipes, toxic waste dumping, pesticides etc. Drinking purified water ensure to remove 99 percent contaminants in the water.  Naturally drinking pure water will boost you skin health.
  9. It is good for your hair – hair is made up of 5 percent water and 95 percent protein and harsh chemicals like chlorine can harm and breakdown proteins and cause split ends and dry frizzy hair. So, in addition to drinking purified water, it is also important to take bath in water that is filtered because chlorine can be easily absorbed through and inhaled. So, use of purified safe water is good for healthy and natural hair.
  10. Helps respiratory system- A recent research has found that dehydration could play a major role in asthma and allergies. Drinking lots of purified water plays an important role in your lung’s health. water helps to thin the mucus secretions that naturally gather in your lungs each day. It allows you to breath smoothly. Seasonal allergies are very vicious on the body’s ability to stay hydrated. Drink lots of purified water to flush your system and support the elimination of the foreign vexations in your system. Well hydration supports sinus drainage
  11. It makes minerals and nutrients available-    All biochemical reactions happen in water. It fills the spaces in and between cells and helps form structures of large molecules such as protein and glycogen. It is also involved in the production of hormones and neurotransmitters. Prolong desiccation can lead to problems with thinking and reasoning.
  12. Weight Loss- It helps your metabolism, cleanse your toxin and acts as an appetite suppressant

. Drinking water before meals can make you feel fuller and you will eat the amount of food in moderate amount. Ditch the sodas and carbonated drinks and replace it with water can help you lose extra kilos. Drinking water before meals results in and average 75 calories per meal. Drinking pure water per day would cause you to decrease fewer calories per year and make you slim and healthy.

Access to safe and clean water opens up a world of possibilities for communal development. Clean water creates lasting community health and persistent human growth and development.

To conclude the fact of the matter is that drinking water is a must for our day to day needs. But the sad aspect is that the water that we get in our home is not fit for human consumption. Still most of us go on to consume it and become victims of various illness. In this regard you can go on to install a RO water system as it provides access to safe and pure form of drinking water.



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