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Drinking of water and being hydrated in an Ayurveda way

All of you might be scratching your head to figure out whether there is a right way to drink water. Yes, you might be surprised that there does exist a way by which you can drink pure water. Rather than anyone asking you to drink a lot of water you need to undertake this task at your own peril. You need to accomplish this task to the best of your abilities; this stint is going to serve you for a few months or weeks. No one would want the frequent trips to the loo as you might be thinking of reverting to the old days.

There are a lot of ways for you to be hydrated and not the regular hydration drives and let us get to the details below.  You need to follow an insight guide on how you can stay hydrated in an Ayurveda manner

Water is fundamental for the wellbeing of your body

In the composition of human body water appears to be the main component. In the interior or exterior of the body cells it is stored as it is known to carry the various nutrients to the various organs of the human body once you dissolve them. The joints are lubricated, body temperature is regulated and prevents occurrence of constipation.

So clean water is a fundamental need for human body. But all of us tend to lose water every day by a host of activities in the form of perspiration, sweating and this is even if you do not work out or urinating. This prevents us from no other option rather than replenishing it.

Signs that can indicate where the body needs more water

  • The skin, hair or your lips are known to become drier
  • One is not sweating at the anticipated levels
  • When you pee, the colour becomes dark yellow
  • Prolonged rashes appear on the skin due to clogged pores
  • There is irregularity in bowel movements

The reasons for you to drink water in an Ayurveda manner

Once you are going to experience such symptoms it has come to the notice that the body has lost a lot of water and is looking at ways in order to conserve it. In such cases most of us would do the obvious that is to drink more water and try to replenish the levels. Once you are planning to increase your intake of water opt for a RO system as it provides pure water. Check out the Ro water filter price as there are plenty of models in the market.

Some people opt for the route of sports drink that is also one of the ways to hydrate. In case if you plan to do this, it would be a short way of drinking water as it would pass out in the form of pee. What it means is that the water is not absorbed by the human body.

Ayurveda is of the opinion that to be healthy we need to absorb the same amount of water, as it is needed for performing the routine body functions. For this reason, we need to explore various options on how we can rehydrate that is help us going to absorb water in our bodies and Ayurveda will provide us with an answer.

How to absorb water into our bodies in an effective manner

  • Discard the cold water and make a switch to warm or lukewarm water- The reason being when you are drinking cold water it goes on to cool down the enzymes present in human body that would hamper the process of digestion. This in turn can lead to a situation where burn up of toxins can occur. This might even cause the blood vessels to expand meaning that the toxins are not going to be drained by the lymph nodes. This would also mean that the blood is not allowed to travel to the other organs easily depriving them of nutrients. The warm water forces the lymph nodes to clear the toxins
  • Once you wake up you need to drink around 500 ml of water daily- this measurement is perfectly ok as you need to be drinking a glass of water once you wake up in the morning. In fact, this has to be work in the same manner. The reason why this is suggested is because when we sleep the body packs up the waste of the previous day, as there is an urge for you to proceed to the bathroom once you wake up in the morning. So as to flush out the toxins from the body once you wake up there is a necessary to drink warm water the moment you wake up.
  • You can drink water by incorporating a few ingredients to it – if the raw taste of water does not appeal to you it is possible to add a tinge of lemon or ginger so as to enhance the taste. A combination of all the ingredients ensures that you are able to absorb water in a healthy way.
  • Water should not be gulped at a single go especially when you are having your meals- if you resort to this practice it does not allow the body to absorb water and removes as urine. In addition, when you are drinking the water in a single gulp you tend to extinguish the Agni that works hard for you to digest the food. For this reason, it is suggested that instead of having water between meals, you need to have water half an hour before eating.

Once you go on to follow the above-mentioned Ayurveda properties for hydration you are going to ensure that the body is in the best of health. The key is to follow these practices on a regular basis and figure out the changes in your health. In case if you have severe cases of hydration a suggestion would be to get in touch with your doctor who can advise you better.



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