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Types of Home Inspection in Victoria: Go Beyond General Inspection

There are various sorts of house inspections that can help you examine the ins and outs of the house. When it comes to radon, for example, localities with basements are more likely to have it than those with a lot of swampland. The age of a house also matters a lot. But it’s better to be aware of all your possibilities, so you don’t skip a step. 

Here is a broad description of the many types of home inspection in Victoria that examine your house from top to bottom. 

Inspection of chimneys

A chimney inspection evaluates how well the chimney is venting, whether the mortar is damaged or degrading, and whether there has been a significant buildup of creosote, a result of burning wood that might catch fire. When you go to start the fireplace on a frigid day, this stops chimney fires and smoke or aromas from entering.

In any case, you must check the chimney before using the fireplace. A professional home inspection service inspects the chimney if there is one in the home to ensure that there are no unwelcome intruders (birds or bats) living there, there is no chance of a fire beginning, and there is no risk of extremely serious carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Roof inspection

Over the course of a roof’s lifespan, preventive roof care can save homeowners hundreds of dollars annually. A roofing expert can check the roof and ceilings for leaks or damage, point out problem areas like mould development that could indicate decaying wood below, and even use a drone inspection to look for places where heat is escaping.

If a home’s roof is older than 20 to 25 years, there are obvious symptoms of the damage, such as fractures in the structure, loose shingles, or algae development, or a home inspection company has expressed worries about the roof’s longevity, you should think about having a roof inspection done.

Consider requesting a roof certification, which is a report from a roofing expert that details the need for any necessary roof repairs and offers an estimation of the roof’s longevity. 

Inspection of lead-based paint

Although lead-based paint was outlawed by the federal government in 1978, it is still present in some older residences and even some that were built after that year.

According to KidsHealth.org, lead is a naturally occurring dangerous metal that presents numerous concerns to human health, including harm to calcium absorption, muscle mobility, blood cell creation, and even kidney and brain damage at high lead concentrations.

In addition to harming pregnant women and their unborn children, the CDC adds that children are particularly susceptible to the hazards of lead exposure.

An inspector will do a visual inspection and search the house for chipped or peeling paint during a lead-based paint inspection. The inspector will next take paint samples from each room using swiping clothing, which will be examined in a lab later.

A rodent, insect, or pest

A home inspector will examine your property’s outside and interior to look for indications of infestation, damage, or locations that pests are drawn to. This can be done by measuring the moisture in the air with a moisture meter and looking for additional indicators like mud tubes, which are tiny tunnels that subterranean termites construct to reach food, piles of wings, moist wood, bubbling, damaged wood and buckled paint, gnawed wiring, and droppings, particularly those from mice.

Checking the electrical system

An essential part of safeguarding your family is your home’s electrical system. The lighting equipment in homes is usually the fourth most common cause of house fires. A thorough electrical inspection includes looking for things like exposed wiring, spliced wires, incorrectly modified electrical panels, and other things that could be dangerous.

These are some of the types of home inspection in Victoria that you must go through! 



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