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The Biggest Problem With Streaming Platform, And How You Can Fix It

Our encoding systems adapt to your needs, if you’re capturing a signal on-site or sending it to the cloud, and enable up to 4K HDR through SDI. Our technology is designed specifically for a live broadcast streaming platform, allowing you to quickly add additional live shows with no long-term commitments.

The video streaming product

  • To thousands of almost all, provide personalization at scale.
  • Deliver 4K HDR, low-latency entertainment to any network, even without advertisements.
  • Using server-side advertising insertion, prebid programmable technologies, and data analytics, you may increase ad yield.
  • With constructed analysis equipment and global support staff, you can manage your video streaming business in real-time.

The biggest platform with streaming platform

Slow internet :

If you have a lot of people using the internet at the same time on your leased line, streaming video may suffer from the 9anime app. If you’re attempting to watch iPlayer on your TV screen. while your partner is accessing data and your kids play games online on their pads, you’re going to experience some lag.

Troubling in streaming:

Whether you’re having trouble streaming Tv channels, Youtube, or something comparable in a web browser, switching browsers or using a specialized app can assist. If you’re having trouble with sluggish playback in Internet Explorer, try switching to Firefox and Chrome to see if things get better. For more Information https://meltedspace.com/

Video buffering:

Simply stop your video streaming and wait for the delay to finish before clicking ‘start’ again. For example, on YouTube, hold down the pause button until the red line starts moving forward. Keep an eye on the grey line to see if it continues to move. Press play again once it’s made good headway to see whether it enhances the replay.

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Drop the video quality:

For those of us who remember the scratchy old VHS days (or even before! ), high-definition video is a thrill, but it puts a strain on our internet connection. If you feel that your streaming video is too choppy when playing back in HD, go into the settings and lower the quality. This does not have to mean blurry images. For example, on YouTube, users can lower the quality from 1080p HD (highest) to 720p HD, a lower kind of HD that nevertheless looks sharp.

Check for viruses:

Malware in your laptop can slow it down significantly. Especially if it’s transferring data to the internet or utilizing it as a base to propagate further. A movie of jerky could be a sign of a viral illness.

Use antivirus to perform a comprehensive scan of your computer to ensure that nothing is causing problems.

Use streaming application

Inside an app, video on demand may run more smoothly than that on a website. It is really ideal to use the official iPlayer, Netflix, or Amazon Prime programs on smartphones and mobile devices weeks in a year.


Our Smart play function generates income by providing a highly tailored, TV-like streaming experience. The smart play is designed for each and every viewer who pushes the “play” button. And scales to millions of simultaneous watchers. It can handle practically any workflow and delivers granular data for company optimization.



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