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Top Reasons to Visit a Cardiac Surgeon


Heart diseases are one of the topmost causes for both men and women in the entire world. So it’s no surprise that at some point in your life, you would have probably considered visiting a cardiac surgeon. Cardiac surgeons specialize in all types of ailments related to the heart. If you suffer from any heart disease or wish to keep a check on your heart health, then a periodic doctor appointment with a cardiac surgeon can help you. They will provide you with the best possible advice relating to your heart. In addition, if you are diagnosed with some heart-related issue, they can provide the best treatment.   

Who is a cardiac surgeon?

A cardiac/cardiothoracic surgeon focuses on the heart, its vessels, and tissues, and the major arteries and veins that surround it. All of the organs of the stomach area, including the lungs, stomach, and heart, are the focus of basic cardiothoracic surgeons. However, their specialization lies in heart surgery.

Cardiac surgeons are also commonly known as cardiovascular surgeons. They operate on the heart, arteries, pulmonary vein, and other vital components in the heart and circulatory system. If your issues are small, you might even have a diagnosis from a cardiologist before seeing a surgeon. However, if you are diagnosed with something serious and require surgery, a heart surgeon will closely monitor your status post-surgery. After you recover, you’ll most likely return to your routine doctor appointments. These follow-up appointments are extremely crucial as they keep you updated with your health status. 

Reasons to Visit a Cardiac Surgeon

Following are some top reasons why you could need to visit a cardiac surgeon:

  1. High Blood Pressure: It’s critical to get your blood pressure under control if it remains high most of the time. Hypertension is an essential risk factor for heart disease and stroke, so knowing your levels is crucial to avoiding cardiac emergencies. You might require visiting a cardiac surgeon if you face heart-related issues arising from fluctuating blood pressure.
  1. High cholesterol: It produces no symptoms and is difficult to control. Having cholesterol under control is critical since it is one of the most important risk factors for heart diseases. High cholesterol can interrupt the blood flow to the heart and cause severe health issues. In such a scenario, a cardiac specialist is a right person to contact.
  1. Referral from Family Doctor: If your family doctor during doctor appointment notices a warning flag during your exam, he or she may want to have your heart examined more thoroughly. It’s also possible that your family history necessitates a visit to a cardiologist. If your physician advises you to look for a cardiologist, then you should follow his or her advice.
  1. Extensive Smoking: Smoking reduces oxygen supply to the heart, raises blood pressure, heartbeat, and blood clotting, and destroys the cells that line the arteries. As a result, you might severely fall sick, and only a cardiac surgeon will be able to extend the necessary help.
  1. Preeclampsia: Preeclampsia is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease that is commonly overlooked. Pregnancy and post-menopause are the two occasions when a woman is most prone to acquire this disease. It leads to increased blood pressure and consequently to other heart issues. Severe cases will require the immediate attention of a cardiac surgeon.
  1. You have Angina: Angina is a form of chest discomfort that occurs when your heart is deprived of sufficient oxygen-rich blood. It might feel like a squeezing or pressing sensation in your chest. It can also make your chest, arms, neck, jaw, and back hurt. A cardiac specialist will be able to provide you with the necessary assistance in treating the condition.
  1. Heart Attack: When a blood vessel or one of its smaller branches suddenly stops working, the situation is called a heart attack (myocardial infarction). This cuts off the blood flow to a section of the heart muscle. The intensity can range from minor to major. In severe cases, the patients pass away even before receiving medical attention. However, in minor cases, you should immediately reach out to a cardiac surgeon for seeking treatment.


Even though cardiac surgery is usually safe, complications such as stroke, infection, haemorrhage, heart rhythm, death can occur. Cardiologists in Pune and in other parts of the country are involved in the care and treatment of various diseases related to the heart. You just need to fix an appointment with the best specialist in your area and get treated. It is always advised to seek expert medical assistance in case you face any of the conditions mentioned above. Neglect is never a wise decision when it comes to health. And when it comes to a critical organ like the heart, the seriousness should increase manifold.



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