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How to get the best deals online while shopping for Diwali?

Diwali is around the corner, and streets are full with beautiful lights and gifts. Soon markets will be filled with the latest range of crackers. 

Well, it isn’t about buying fireworks, it’s much more than that. This festival calls for full-fledged shopping sessions. We know many of you don’t really like shopping and keep it at the last of your priorities. But the discounts and offers that are available at the time around this festive season test your resistance power and make you weak in the knees. 

We bet your Diwali gifts shopping lists must be ready, and you must be on your toes to hop to the markets any next second. But if you want to save your precious time, then you probably prefer online shopping rather than wandering from shop to shop to get the best offers. Yes, we know that shopping seems a bit risky, and you don’t get to see the actual product that triggers some trust issues. There is a whole debate that revolves around online shopping vs. offline shopping. But if you are one risk-taker and are ready to rely on online websites for your Diwali shopping, then make sure you get some benefits out of it too.

Here are some tips that will help you grab some best deals and maximize online shopping this Diwali. 

Stick to the plan

First and the most important step is to plan a list of all the necessary purchases. I know your brain goes all gaga with all those discounts out there. But, once you have a plan that your pocket permits and you adhere to it, you will save some extra. Don’t worry, we will come to the out of list purchases as well, but first, stick to the list. Online portals know you better than you know yourself and thus will leave no stone unturned to temp you for things you don’t even need. But the plan you prepared will help you remember what you were supposed to buy in the first place. Now you can buy that out of the list items with the money you saved by sticking to the plan. 

Compare and buy

Well, here is the thumb rule of online shopping. You are supposed to check and compare the prices of the product at various e-commerce websites. It is possible that the maximum retail price of the product you wish to buy is different on multiple websites. When you compare, you will save yourself from buying that product at a price higher than the maximum retail price. Check for the authenticity of the product as you may end up buying a fake product at lower rates. So next time when you’re shopping for Diwali gifts online in Mumbai, don’t forget to read the terms and conditions to have an idea of what you are getting into.  

Avail coupon codes

Remember those coupons that keep popping as soon as you enter a website? Well, time to redeem them. We often forget to apply them at the time of checkout. That is what you have to be careful of. There are so many coupons and discount codes available already on the website, and they are even multiplied at the time of Diwali. But you can also check for extra discounts on websites, which specialize in providing deals and offers across various websites. 

Timing is the key

You know you can save so much if you order at just the right time. Websites put on massive sales around the festive season. You just have to wait for those days in order to get the full out of Diwali sales. I understand it is very difficult not to push that place order button. But trust me, those types of sales provide you unbelievable prices. It is such a competition to get your favorite products from such a sale before they run out of stock, so Hurry, fill your cards right away to grab the best offers at first. 

So next time you are on the shopping spree for Diwali gifts for friends and family, don’t be just a shopper, be a smart shopper.



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