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Tips on Choosing the Right Scooty This Diwali

While searching for an entry level scooty this Diwali, your primary objectives should be good looks, great efficiency, complete dependability and affordable price. Of the many scooters in the market, the Hero Pleasure scooty comes out tops in all categories. Your primary concern would be that its price should match your budget requirements. When you purchase your scooty on EMIs, this aspect is taken care of.

Bajaj Mall helps you book a scooty of your choice online at the convenience of sitting in your bed and scrolling through different options available on Bajaj Mall. You can book scooty online and complete the purchase offline by visiting our partner network store. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a range of models available to book online. Bajaj Mall also offers some exciting cashback offers on your purchase at the comfort of your home.

This platform helps you with the most hassle-free way to book and buy this bike. You just need to log on to the Bajaj Mall website and book the scooter.

Diwali is just round the corner, and this is the best time to buy a scooty, because these are happy times and times to gift yourself with something that will go a long way. Be it your daily commute or your night rides, engaging in your weekend hustles, or managing your cab expenses. A scooter is the best option for a city dweller. This will come in handy for work later as well. This is also the best time, because a lot of deals and offers are announced by two-wheeler manufacturers. You need to make the best of those deals.

The 110.9 cc two-wheeler, which has a mileage of 50 km per litre, is priced between Rs 76,065 and Rs 77,685, ex-showroom. For that price and the impressive looks – 2 variants and 7 colours – a maximum power of 8 bhp comes as a bonus, allowing you to complete journeys in time. 

The Hero Pleasure scooty is a safe scooter, coming with combined braking system of both wheels. This is important on busy city roads. It adds value to this product.

If you find the ticket price of the scooter a bit high for your budget, or if you are not inclined to block a substantial amount of capital at that point of time, you can spread the spend through easy instalments, and the two-wheeler loan provides the best scheme in this segment.

The following are some prominent features of this scheme:

Complete on-road price funding

The two-wheeler loan allows you to avail of 100% of the on-road-price of the scooter. On-road price of a scooter will incorporate its ex-showroom price, insurance, road tax, documentation charges, accessories, and other miscellaneous charges. All these will make up the on-road price and will be covered by the loan.

Your CIBIL score will not be an obstacle, because there is no defined any minimum score for this loan scheme. However, if it is below 720 you may end up with a lower loan amount approved. Rejection of loan application is unlikely if you have met other eligibility criteria.

Long loan tenure

Considering your budget, you may opt for a long loan payback tenure. This can extend up to 5 years. When you factor in the interest rate – this ranges from 9.25% to 14%, depending on your profile and on the tenure of the EMIs that you choose – in calculating the instalment amounts while purchasing your scooty on EMI, you will be able to adjust the monthly pay-outs in such a way that they never let your budget go out of hand.

While choosing the loan tenure for the Hero Pleasure scooty, be careful to select a tenure that will balance the principal and interest pay out yet leave you with enough elbow room in your budget. The longest tenure may not, usually, be the best option, neither will the shortest duration.



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