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New Furnace Installation In Toronto- 13 Easy Steps

Life has taught me that if you can break a project down into simple steps, you will able to do it better than anyone else. That’s the difference between someone who is smart and someone who is wise.

So, let’s look at how to install a new or used furnace. the smart path. I’ve broken the process down into 13 simple steps. Will this article teach you everything I know? Of course not. In my life, I’ve put in thousands of furnaces. You will, however, know how things work. If you are looking for a new furnace installation then you can choose the best option in Toronto.

Step 1.

Tool list. Nothing is more frustrating than starting to work on a furnace and then realizing you don’t have all the tools you need. Most of you already have most of the basic tools you’ll need. Ex: screwdrivers, drills, hammer, etc. I’ll help you put together your list so that you have everything you need before you start the job.

Step 2.

Looking at your home. You will need to know how your house is built and how it is insulated. Do your windows and doors look new or old? Does air get into your house through dryer vents, window fans, etc.? Do you live in a house with a basement or on a concrete slab? You need to know this so you can get the right equipment for your home.

Step 3.

Looking at the heating and cooling system and the ducts. The most important step is this one. Why? You might surprise by the answer. It might even shock some people who work in HVAC. The right size must choose for the gear. Certainly. No exceptions. Why? You might wonder, “Doesn’t the rule “the bigger, the better,” apply here?” No. Let me put it this way: No way!

Step 4.

List of materials. Ductwork. When you go to the store, you will need to keep a list of the things you need (for all materials). Mayte amount of the return should bigger. You’ll have to connect the old ductwork to the new furnace, for sure. The furnace’s installation instructions will tell you what sizes you need for a proper installation. All of this is Step 3 If you are looking for a new furnace installation then you can choose the best option in Toronto.

Step 5.

Materials list – Electrical. As part of step 3, you will look at your home and figure out what your new electrical needs will be. Make a detailed list. Remember that all new furnaces need a wire that goes to the ground. If your old power supply doesn’t have a ground wire, you will have to put one in.

Step 6.

List of supplies for the gas line. Step 3 will also have to decide on this. Hopefully, you can now see how smart it is to do this step by step. It will help you in the long run if you make these lists before you start installing. If you have all the materials, you need and a plan, you won’t have to run to 15 different stores on the third day of the installation when it’s -10 degrees outside.

Step 7.

This is yet another list of miscellaneous materials. This will depend on what kind of furnace you have or plan to buy. For example, a furnace that is only 80% efficient will need a different kind of flue pipe than a furnace that is 90% efficient.

Step 8.

Getting in touch with local suppliers. This may the hardest thing you have to do. In the past, you were kind of stuck with the suppliers in your area. You can use the internet now. Use it to help yourself. If you type “furnace goodman” into Google, you’ll find a surprising amount of information. Make sure to always ask about the guarantee. Keep in mind that buying your own furnace saves you thousands of dollars, even if you end up hiring a contractor to install it for you.

Step 9.

Take away the power and fuel from the equipment you already have. Yeah, I know, but some people start taking things apart and forget all about this step. It’s a prompt.

Step 10.

Keep the ductwork you already have in place. Why? Nothing is more heartbreaking than starting to take out a furnace, only to have the ductwork fall at your feet. This not only adds another day to your job, but it also teaches you knew four-letter words. So, Step 10 is to. Use cleats and screws to keep the existing ductwork in place.

Step 11.

Getting rid of the old stuff. After turning off the power to the furnace and securing the ductwork, you can start taking out the old equipment. When you’re done, set it to the side so it’s not in your way.

Step 12.

Reassembling everything. This part is split up into 6 smaller parts.

Setting up the oven. If you do this right, you will have less work to do and less ductwork to make.

Step 13.

Starting up your equipment. Most of the time, the manufacturer’s instructions will tell you exactly how to start and test a new furnace. Do your best to follow their instructions.

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