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The most powerful 2023 Honda Civic Type R ever is finally here!

In fact, Honda has not yet released the full specifications, except to say that the new Civic Type R is the most powerful ever. In these respects, the Civic Type R remains true to its old hardcore performance style.

Unfortunately, Honda 2023 is not yet ready to share the Civic Type R’s performance information with enthusiasts and has only said that the new model is shorter, longer, and wider than the old model. A new lap record for front-wheel drive.

The 2023 Civic Type R has a more pronounced rear wing than its predecessors, with a large air dam underneath the front tank shroud and revised air intakes on both sides, giving it a more aggressive look. At the rear, the car is presented with a new look with a lower rear deflector and a three-pipe central exhaust with a large rear wing.

The interior is a mix of black and red, a definite theme for a Honda performance car, with red sporty seats, floor mats, badges, and prominent contrast stitching, the rest is black. There is also an onboard recorder that provides real-time information about the vehicle at all times.

Honda has obviously not yet released the information that fans want most, and this launch focuses on the visual aspect of the car, giving a closer look at what the last Civic Type R will look like without the introduction of electrification, and Honda is planning a full reveal of the 2023 Civic Type R this autumn, which will be quite close to the production date.



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