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7 tips for a luxury trip

Specialist luxury limo suppliers will do their best to provide you with exemplary service, but there are some things you can do yourself to avoid potential problems.

Here are some tips from the top providers of these services.

Reserve in advance.

Luxury limousines are not so plentiful or so easy to get, after a phone call, like for example: A taxi. Yes, you may be lucky and find one available right away, but if you book in advance, you’re more likely to get exactly the car you need when you want it.

Don’t Drop Controversial Pet Surprises

Many luxury limo rental companies are happy to accept pets as long as certain conditions are met and they are notified in advance. So avoid talking to your dog at the last minute as a flippant whim and then expect your driver to smile at you and welcome you on board.

Think of the children

Again, as long as younger guests are accompanied by an adult, this shouldn’t be a problem for the limo company, as long as they are told in advance. This is because the law requires that certain child seats be used according to age and size. If the driver didn’t know there were children, they probably won’t come with a legally compliant child seat, which could mean the end of your planned trip before it begins.

Do not overdo it

This type of Sunshine Coast transfers is ideal for overnight stays and is very cost effective. It also means that people can drink without worrying about driving, but without going overboard. If a potential customer is intoxicated to the point of being offensive or endangering him, the vehicle and other passengers, the driver has every right to refuse him entry.

Plan well

Despite what you’ve seen in the movies, asking the driver to “hit” you won’t accomplish anything because you don’t have enough time left in your schedule. Instead, discuss your travel times in advance and follow the advice of the limo company regarding latest departure times.

Do not save

Plan and book before you travel: Most Caribbean hotels have a concierge service that can book spa services, arrange day trips, fishing and sailing trips, or book golf hours for your guests. Please call or email the hotel prior to departure with specific dates and requests. Villa guests can have the kitchens stocked before arrival or opt for a private chef and cleaning service. Choose spas that offer in-room massages, or choose a massage on the beach or in the garden as a unique way to relieve stress. Most spas offer saunas, steam rooms, Vichy showers, and exercise rooms, in addition to spa services and beauty treatments.



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