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The flip kick – the combination between kicker and pinball machine made of wood

If you’re looking for a fancy gift for your son or nephew, why not choose a Flick Kick? What it is, how it works and for whom it is best suited, we explain to you here.

What is a flip kick?

The flip kick works on the same principle as a pinball machine. high speed belt sander this is also called a pinball machine or pinball. But it is not intended for one person like the well-known pinball games, but suitable for two players. Flip Kick is structured like a football game. The game looks like a mixture of the two games Pinball and Kicker.


The wooden game consists of a playing field on which there are fixed rubber pins that represent the players of the two teams. On each side of the curved playing surface there are two mechanically operated pinball legs per player. These are operated by the buttons attached to the left and right.


The game is easily explained: the players try to drive the metal ball (the football, so to speak) into the opponent’s goal. Past the pins. Each player also has a small bar on his side with 6 sliding wooden beads. This allows the goals scored to be counted. Whoever scored 6 goals first won.

What are the advantages of the Flip Kick?

The game has simple rules and is easy to learn. It requires responsiveness and dexterity and is a lot of fun. Nevertheless, a victory also depends a little on luck.

Siblings, friends or even parents can play the game. You can also compete against each other in teams. The game is even used in schools and kindergartens because it brings positive learning effects to the children. It promotes both concentration and reaction.

A big advantage is that it is not dependent on batteries or electricity. Therefore, it can be played both on a table and on the floor and is ideal for on the go. It is space-saving to store and light enough to transport. Therefore, it can also go on holiday.


From the manufacturer, the game is suitable for 3 to 99 years. Younger children do not yet have the necessary reaction speed and coordination that is necessary for this.

What material is the Flip Kick made of?

The game is made of wood, the small pins and the push button are made of plastic. As a ball, any ball of the right size can be used. For example, glass marbles are suitable. However, balls that are too light could jump out of the playing field. Therefore, metal balls are ideal. Best steel balls for ball bearings. The game comes with 2 balls at the factory.


The game has been available since 2003. At that time, however, the mechanics still had their pitfalls and could not bring sufficient acceleration for the game ball. Today, the improved version is available in several sizes and guarantees fast-paced gaming fun. The game is fast and fast-paced, yet easy to use.


The wood and workmanship are very robust and solid, so it also tolerates a wild game and still lasts for many years. In addition, the manufacturer makes sure that the games are made of ecological materials. A quality check according to current guidelines is mandatory. It is also particularly advantageous that no wearing parts are included, which also ensures a long shelf life.

What are the differences between the different sizes?

The game is currently available in four variants, which differ in size and weight. Qualitatively, however, this does not mean any difference for you. In terms of structure, however, the games are suitable for different target groups.

The following variants are available:

Flip Kick Small (43x28x6 cm, 1.5 kg). The smallest version is suitable for the smallest fans because it is easier to use for children with shorter arms.

Flip Kick Classic (50x33x6, 3 kg heavy). The classic variant for older children and young at heart fans.

Flip Kick Deluxe (58x40x8 cm, 4 kg heavy). The most popular size, which also scores for continuous use in schools but also with large families. Because floor drill press this variant is a bit wider, however, it is not suitable for the very small children, who can not access here properly.

Flip Kick Special Edition 1000 (50x33x6, 3 kg heavy, corresponds to the Classic version). The manufacturer launches this variant on the occasion of the World Championships or European Championships. Only 1,000 pieces are produced at a time, which is also laser-marked. That is, they are numbered and provided with a year.



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