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NEWSApple iPhone rumor roundup portless iPhone 13, foldables, bigger SE

If you’ve been a long-time Apple lover, then iPhones have seen a lot of changes over time, and aren’t protected in the eyes of leakers from the tech world manufacturers of cases, as well as supply chains for iPhone components. From the first versions of the iPhone and the revolutionary iPhone 4s and up to the “revolutionary” iPhone X and beyond, nothing has stopped people from leaks that exposes Apple.

The iPhone 12 and SE Rumor roundup generated some controversy in the last year, with many of the rumors being confirmed. We’re putting together the same thing, but not only on the iPhone 12’s successor and other smartphone advancements Apple is planning to release specifically for 2021 through 2022.

iPhone 13 (or 12s)

The Apple naming scheme has been confusing since the launch to the iPhone the X. From X,, 11 and 12 up to the hyperlative-driven “Plus”, “Pro”, “Max”, and “Pro Max”, it’s typically a mystery. There are names for cheaper variants like the ” mini”, ” C” and ” SE”.

Although most of us anticipate it to be known as “13”, a Bloombergreport suggests that Apple engineers are contemplating returning”S” as the “S” branding as the new generation is likely to feature minor design tweaks as well as more enhancements to the hardware.

The same design and size

The design is based on Japanese journal Mac Otakara The only change in design we can anticipate is the thickness, which has an increase of 0.26mm.

We can expect the new iPhone 13 (or 12s) series to be the same as the previous models — either in the regular 6.1-inch size or a huge 6.7-inch size in it to be the Max model. Of of course, it will come with the brand new flat-edge design.

Update: It’s also rumored that the new iPhones will have a new matte-textured front for a better grip. It’s reminiscent of that of the Google Pixel 5’s back.

Update 2:iPhone 14 series (for 2022) may have the larger titanium chassis that were utilized in earlier Apple Watches. Bird Flying

Rose Gold comeback

iFans will know that the most recent iPhone that came with the Rose Gold color option was the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus series. Also, there are other exclusive colors like Midnight Green on the iPhone 11 Pro series, Purple on the iPhone 11, Coral on the iPhone XR, and currently the Pacific Blue on the iPhone 12 Pro series It shouldn’t come as surprising to Apple to introduce this exclusive color option to shelves once more, as it was adored by many users.(Who knows? Blackpink’s Rose could be the owner and label it Rose Gold

Adaptive 120Hz + Always-On Display

While it was previously reported in iPhone 12 Pro Max iPhone 12 Pro Max this year however, the feature did not make it to the final cut due to a number of compatibility issues with the display driver. ifrpfile all in one However, according to the most recent tweet from Ross Young, the higher refresh rate of display could be coming to the iPhone 13.

In contrast to the Display with OLED Display, and different than the Super Retina display, which is branded as the XDR display Apple may opt for the ProMotion display, which can be present on a variety of iPad Pro models. This rumor was confirmed in the beginning of the year 2019.

Thinner and more rounded

With the rising and falling of pop-up cameras with sliders, sliders, flipping and moving mechanisms, punched-hole cuts and under-display cameras, at their early stages, it is clear that Apple does not want to make use of half-bake

Similar (yet slightly different) camera design and setup

In an earlier GadgetMatch article, popular leaker Ming-Chi Koo said that Apple may not update their cameras before 2023 -it’s a plan that’s not entirely new. Google has been using this strategy for a while now with the Sony IMX363 equipped Pixel 3, up to the most recent Pixel 5. The improvements to cameras are all based on the computational image, AI (artificial intelligent) as well as a software algorithm that was added to.D technology is the only way to attain the “fullscreen” display





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