The advent of Web Marketing has not only revolutionized the concept of Communication and Advertisting , but has also modified and renewed the “professional pool” by inserting new and interesting specializations. If it is possible to imagine Digital Agencies as the advertising and marketing agencies of the new millennium , it is equally easy to understand how the most classic evergreen figures – Account Executive, Account New Business, Art Director, Copywriter, etc. – must necessarily be accompanied by more specific tasks, specifically trained on the internet dimension.

One of these figures is that of the Digital Strategist. Who is it? This is the professional specialized in all that series of operations that allow you to create complex and varied online promotional strategiesHere it is, therefore, to monitor online conversations, develop the perfect content to involve Internet users, and coordinate the various communication tools that operate online – from social channels to blogs, from websites to communities.

The Digital Strategist represents, to date, one of the most sought-after figures in the world of work and the same Praxi Alliance, an executive search company, told Corriere della Sera at the end of 2016 that, in the year that was about to end, the increase in searches of this professionalism had been equal to 30%. According to the research company, the search for trained and competent Digital Strategists is transversal with respect to the size of companies and agencies: both the largest and the smallest, both in the start-up phase and in conditions of the total settlement, are interested to have this figure in their team.

On a general level, the Digital Strategist has the complex task of conceiving, planning and managing marketing and digital communication strategies for clients of any sector and level. To do this, he will not only have to have a complete and in-depth knowledge of all the promotional tools that the web makes available but also the competence to understand which channel is more functional depending on the client, the project, the target and the objective. of the marketing action. The identity of the client brand, its product or its service must therefore be conveyed and communicated in the best possible way on the internet , both to give life to an increase in reputation.of the brand both to increase the productivity of the company – in practice, to allow it to sell more.

In larger realities, the Digital Strategist has above all a strategic and almost non-operational function: his role is essentially that of guiding and coordinating the work carried out by the internal marketing division or by the external satellite agencies that deal with the communication of his company. On the contrary, in the smallest realities it can manage and take care of marketing actions directly , even playing different roles as needed.

In summary, the Digital Strategist has the task of:

  • Identify the strategic objectives of the marketing actions
  • Transforming marketing objectives into actions and initiatives to be undertaken on the network
  • Allocate budget consistently across platforms
  • Define how much and how to invest in organic and paid stocks
  • Establish the correct methods of lead generation and lead nurturing
  • Define and measure the KPI of the digital strategy
  • Interfacing with the development team and, possibly, with the creative figures
  • Interfacing with the customer to communicate the progress of the campaigns
  • Evaluate any corrective or ongoing actions

Digital Strategist: why it is necessary to invest in this figure

In a context and in an era in which the network is increasingly the essential vehicle for brand communication and for the promotion of products and services, the figure of the Digital Strategist is as essential as the others who, by right, they are part of the “teams” of professionals specialized in Digital Marketing.

We are increasingly faced with a marketing landscape in which organic and paid actions merge, in which SEO and social networks become two sides of the same coin, in which Inbound Marketing represents the piece to give life to digital strategies. perfect : these are the foundations that make it immediately understandable why it is so important to focus on figures such as those of the Digital Strategist, capable of declining the strategic aspect over the purely operational one .



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