Once upon a time there were billboards to attract customers to the points of sale and propose promotions and news. Today they are still there, but they are not enough . The internet has been around for some time, but only recently has it really begun to dominate geographically localized businesses : ignoring this assumption would be a gamble!

Have you ever thought about Local Advertising and, more generally, Local Marketing to attract more potential customers to your furniture showroom ?

The principle on which we at Naxa rely when we talk about Local Marketing is very simple: even the little ones can be big, if equipped with the right tools. Not all businesses, in fact, can afford to spend tens of thousands of euros to offer their products and services on the web. However, the internet is a democratic tool and within it there is room for everyone. You just need to know how to use it.

What is Local Marketing?

Let’s start with the definitions. Local Marketing is defined as the set of communication and digital marketing activities aimed at bringing more leads – that is, interesting and interesting contacts – within a sales point in the area . In this sense, the goal of Local Marketing is to identify users who are really interested in a specific product or service within a limited range of the company’s location, and to convince them to go and visit it . Once you reach the point of sale – in this case the furniture store – it will be up to the staff to close a dealwhich, in the visitor’s mind, has partly already begun .

Local Marketing is in fact a success not only when it manages to physically bring contacts to the client company, but also when it does so because it has convinced the leads of the value of the product that they decide to discover in person .

Let’s talk about numbers for a moment : according to Google, almost 65% of users search the internet from their smartphone before entering a store. Not only that: 76% of users looking for a product or service on Google decide to turn to a physically close shop within 24 hours of searching on their smartphone.  According to CTN News Do you now understand the importance of carrying out the correct online marketing actions for your local business?

Through Local Marketing actions , the Digital Agency manages to create real synergies between virtual instruments and real furniture shops . The coordination between these two worlds, only apparently very different from each other, allows to obtain measurable results that are enormously precious for the client company.

Local Marketing for the furniture store: five key actions

Here are five key actions for you to take to create a correct Local Marketing activity for your furniture showroom . The goal, don’t forget, is always one: to bring an increasing number of potential customers to your shop and allow you to close more deals, therefore bill more, therefore earn more !

  1. SEO Local: positioning on search engines by geo-localized keys and themes is an indispensable operation for successful Local Marketing. To manage this kind of activity are the SEO Specialists, Content Marketing professionals who will know how to make the most of your business on Google, allowing it to appear in the results of those looking for activities like yours in the area where you operate.
  2. Google Reviews: Google reviews are now important factors that weigh on the “balance” of the decision-making capacity of internet users (ie buyers). Creating a Google map of your business and related brand page on Google+, but also a local business page on Facebook will allow your loyal customers to tell other people why you are so special and what you can offer more than your competitors. Google Reviews are the word of mouth of the new millennium, and they are indispensable.
  3. Dedicated products and discounts: offering potential customers who live in the area where you work something unique is one of the most effective ways to win their trust and make them feel special and pampered. In a super-technological era, in which information bombard users every moment and supply always exceeds demand, it is not only the product that makes the difference but also the way in which it is offered.
  4. Live and events on Social Media: that Social Media are very powerful is now established, so it is worth discovering all its strengths and using them to better promote your business. Facebook live broadcasts, which allow you to broadcast videos in real time, are a new generation tool that users like very much. Paired with the most classic events on Facebook and a budget invested in promotional campaigns on the social platform par excellence can really make a difference: in no time at all, you could find yourself with the showroom full of people.
  5. Dedicated newsletters: Imagine them as short love letters intended for users living in your area. Not general newsletters, but made up of well-balanced and always specific storytelling. Newsletters that can offer special events, dedicated discounts, exclusive products to people who live in the area and who wish to encourage local activities. Making someone feel special is the first way to make them fall in love with you.

Those we have listed are only five of the many tools made available by Local Marketing , but they can already make a difference and considerably increase the number of people who visit your furniture store.

Why don’t you come and tell us the story of your business? We can’t wait to hear it!



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