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The Best Hair Colour for Working Women during Monsoons

With monsoons, taking extra care of hair from the rains and wet winds becomes utmost important. As more dirt and grime tend to settle onto our scalp and hair during this season, prompting us to wash our hair more frequently. And this, ultimately, results in the washing away of our scalp oils too, resulting in dryness and excessive hair fall. So, while taking care of hair and scalp is not so difficult for those sitting at home, it, however, becomes a different ball game for those women who go out regularly for work. But does this mean that they cannot follow the latest hair colouring trends to look more presentable and beautiful? Absolutely not! If you can put your hands on the best hair colour for women in monsoon your hair colouring and care issues are both taken care of. Just go for a good chemical free hair colour that comes in a gel based formulation and you are done. Thanks to such natural gel based hair colours, it has become super-easy and practical to colour those greys even at home. No more parlour visits, no more waiting in lines for your turn. No more consulting hair stylists.

Why gel based hair colour for working women during monsoons?

Before debating about the best hair colour for women, it is crucial to understand why gel-based hair colours are best for working women and how they can protect your hair during monsoons.

Working women have to travel frequently. This lodges dirt and pollutants onto their scalp and hair roots causing irreparable damages. Especially during monsoons, the rate of this hair damage increases exponentially as the wet winds deposit more dirt and grime onto the scalp, resulting in more shampooing and so, more dryness. So, to look more presentable and groomed, women can opt for hair colours, but due to lack of time, they often fall for the wrong bait. Also, the risks associated with generic hair colours is even more as they contain harmful chemicals like Ammonia, Bleach, PPD and metals like Lead and Barium. All of these concerns get easily resolved if we simply opt for a chemical-free hair colour that is also gel based also find  New tips and suggestions on women’s fashion blog.

Benefits of an organically natural gel based hair colour

  • Easy to apply at home
  • Has no hydrogen peroxide (bleach), so it won’t discolour your hair, won’t increase premature greying of hair
  • Has no ammonia, so it has no pungent smell and causes no dryness and brittleness of hair
  • Comes enriched with the extracts of fresh oranges, so leaves behind a pleasant aroma of fresh oranges
  • The herbs are blended with harmless organic compounds, which help with rendering rich colour tones
  • Free from heavy metals like lead and barium, so no reasons for deadly side effects
  • Nourishes and moisturises the hair to improve its texture
  • Covers 100% grey hair with one application
  • Its natural herb ingredients help repair damaged hair and prevent further damages that are caused by chemical hair colours

Which gel hair colour a working woman should look out for during monsoons?

Indus Valley New Damage-Free Gel Colours come with the goodness of 8 certified organic herbs that not just colour your hair, but also nourish them from the inside out. The gel base makes it super easy to colour hair at home. You can quickly colour your hair in just 35 minutes, while the colour will last for up to 5 weeks. You can also choose between 6 exciting shades to complement your different moods and occasions. Being ammonia-free, it also comes totally devoid of any pungent smells, but colours with the enchanting, lingering aroma of fresh oranges. All of these qualities make this gel hair colour the best hair colour for women during monsoons. Being chemical-free hair colours, they are also safe for all hair types and recommended by dermatologists. So, this monsoon, give your hair the best colour and care with gel-based herbal hair colours from the stables of Indus Valley.



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