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Sore Hocks in Rabbits

Ulcerative Pododermatitis in Rabbits

Ulcerative pododermatitis or Bumblefoot, is a skin infection caused by bacteria and, in particular the skin of the back feet as well as the hocks which is the part in the lower back that lies in the earth when the rabbit is sitting. Birds Of New York Due to its specific location and symptoms, the condition is known as “sore hocks.”

If untreated the condition can worsen into deep pyoderma which is a an extreme inflammation that can be accompanied by pus-filled lesions, as well as deep cellulitis, which is intense inflammation of the connective tissue and cellular. Exposure to harsh and moist surfaces surfaces that are moist that keep the skin of the pads of your feet could lead to a rabbit developing foot ulcers.

If a more severe infection is present various other health issues can develop in rabbits. Synovitis (swelling of joints) usually follows, and then progresses towards osteomylitis (infection of bone marrow) and, in the majority of cases, to osteonecrosis which causes an interruption in blood supply for bones, and eventually loss of bone tissue and deterioration of bones.

Symptoms and Types

The symptoms and signs of ulcerative pododermatitis are typically classified from Grade I through Grade V based upon the degree of illness.


There are a variety of causes for pododermatitis that causes ulcers, which can result in pressure sores, where the soft tissues that line the rabbit’s limbs are trapped or encased between hard and bone.

 Sore Hocks in Rabbits

The excessive friction and constant humid conditions, particularly on the hindfoot as well as exposure to feces or urine can cause pododermatitis ulcerative, particularly for animals with weak immune systems or are confined to litter that is soiled.

Rabbits who are overweight or have a low level of exercise are more at risk due to the pressure put on the surface of their feet or the length of time being in one spot for long periods of time. Rabbits who thump their feet a lot are at a higher likelihood of developing skin problems on the skin of the foot pad and the hock.


Your doctor will have be able to identify abscesses as well as infections that can be linked to other fractures or traumas. Types Of Blue BirdsImaging with X-rays can provide precise scans of bones, which allows your doctor to establish how involved bones in your body are so that it can provide an estimate for a prognosis.

Most often, rabbits suffering from bone diseases have a less favorable outlook and require more time to treat as compared to those who have milder forms that are not affected by the condition.

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