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The Best Apps to Spy on Cell Phones

Spying on someone’s phone is not a morally good thing to do. At times, however, it is important for the safety of our loved ones. Parents need access to their children’s phones in order to keep an eye on their activities. Location information can help track them in case of any emergency. A spying app may help you to check the location of your spouse or your children. However, you must have an internet connection. Subscribing to a good internet service such as Spectrum high speed internet plans will allow you to get real-time insights.

Following are some apps that can allow you to spy on phones successfully.

Kiddie Parental Control

Due to the fact that most games and apps require an active internet, children may end up on websites not suitable for them. Therefore, two things are quite important. The first thing is enabling the restricted mode in the target phone’s browser settings. This will help in filtering web page results and only displaying those suitable for children. But keep in mind that this feature has certain limitations.

The other option is installing a parental control app on their devices. Kiddie Parental Control (previously known as Heimdall Parental Control) is a modern and easy-to-use parental control app. Once you install the app on your child’s device, you can keep an eye on all of their activities. With the app, you can limit call durations, block the installation of certain apps, and place restrictions on web activities. You will need to subscribe to the app and you’re good to go!


XNSPY is the ultimate spying app. Using it to spy on a phone literally provides access to all the activities of that user. The spy can easily monitor the user’s call history, web activity, chats on different types of platforms, and complete media files. XNSY and Spyera are competitors and have a fierce market rivalry, With that said, XNSPY comes with more economic subscription offers. Use the app with the permission of the user. Parents can use it to monitor their kids’ activities but it’s better to go for Kiddie Parental Controls before resorting to such an option as XNSPY.


Spyera is another spying app that comes with very good features for monitoring. It’s quite useful for parents and comes with a non-invasive interface. Quite easy-to-use, parents can use Spyera to keep an eye on what their kids are doing online and both offline. The app is not trackable and the kids won’t even know it’s installed. With that said, the app is quite expensive even for the features it comes along with such as SMS spoofing, remote control access, and call log monitoring.


You can install Spyine on both Android and iOS devices. The app is undetectable. A stealth app, Spyine is web-based. This means that users can’t track it at all. However, you do have the option of installing it on a mobile phone. This app only takes up 2 MB of storage. Once you install it on the target device, the icon will disappear from the phone. The app does not consume a lot of battery and provides useful insights. You can view your target’s call history, message communication, gallery media, and more.


A cellphone undercover agent app, Minspy has consumers all over the world. You can use it to spy on a person’s phone. The app operates on the cloud only. You can monitor all user activities on the dashboard present there. Any spying feature that you’re looking for, you’ll find it in Minspy. Only use Minspy to track an individual after taking their consent. Using the app, you can access call records, location, messages, WhatsApp conversations, and more.

Understandably, it is sometimes essential for parents to keep an eye on their kids’ activities these days. But equally necessary is having a smooth internet. As a first step, I got parental control settings from my service by simply dialing the Spectrum phone number. Now, I can check their activities on my phone as well. The browser comes with an option to view sites like I would on a desktop. I’m glad that my children are responsible and I can sleep peacefully at night.



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