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Exam Management System: For Virtual Assessment In 2022


The exam management system is widely used by universities, colleges, and other educational institutions to evaluate, track, and manage the examination activities like the Mid-Term Exam, End-Term Exam, and many others. Moreover, the invigilators can use this virtual assessment tool for various purposes, such as generating exam papers, planning, etc. The use of the exam management system rises in the global pandemic Covid-19, where educational institutes face challenges in conducting exams due to government restrictions like social distancing.

Also, the universities and colleges implemented an online examination management system to organize exams for remote students during the Covid-19 pandemic. This system applies to conducting exams like semester, entrance, certification, and campus recruitment with Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven remote proctored mode. 

Why should the education sector adopt an exam management system?

With the implication of an exam management system, the universities and colleges can automate their examination process more in a timely and reliable manner. Also, the system can eliminate the communication gap between students, educators, and parents. Furthermore, the exam management system has become the global leader in conducting virtual assessments after the impact of Covid in 2019. Along with this, the features of the exam management system allow universities to take exams with high integrity, authenticity, and honesty. In context, the system provides several benefits to the faculty, such as simplifying exam processes and scheduling, providing reliability and accuracy in the examination processes, saving time and energy, etc. The other management benefits of the exam management system are as shown below:

  • Minimize the duplication of questions during the execution of exam processes
  • Provide results in one click, which is error-free and more accurate
  • Helps in saving cost, time, and resources
  • Conduct reliable and authentic examinations
  • Ensure security and confidentiality

Moreover, all these benefits and features enable educational institutes to increase their marketing ability and repudiation in the era of the global pandemic and digital technology. An effective exam management system offers educational institutions a mechanism to create efficient exam patterns, thus, making it possible for students to develop their academic skills.

What are the problems and difficulties faced by the education sector?

Even before the global pandemic Covid-19, the Malaysian educational institutions are experiencing challenges in the educational field. Most schools and colleges are still using offline examination modes, including paper, ink, and examination centers. But after the impact of Covid-19, managing the examination records and information using manual methods and paper-based mode became difficult. Some other challenges in the education sector due to the lack of an exam management system are given below:

  • Struggle in checking exam schedules – The examiners and students are considered the essential group within the examination activities. The traditional educational practices use MS-Excel to generate exam schedules which are time-consuming and have low accessibility. With virtual assessment tools like exam management systems. The students and invigilators can quickly check their exam schedules from remote areas.
  • High time consumption in changing schedules among examiners – Changing exam schedules immediately is another challenge education institutes face. Also, a minimum of three working days is required to alter exam schedules by traditional schools, universities, and colleges. In context, the virtual assessment tools in 2022, like Google Forms, are driven by AI and advanced technologies, reducing the time in changing the process of exam schedules.   
  • Trouble in student authentication and verification – In paper-based examinations, the students are recommended to download the admit card or examination slip to sit in exams. Later, invigilators have to check each student’s card and examination decline, which is time-consuming and inconvenient. Also, students have to search for their assigned table numbers within the examination center. But, the exam management system is developed with multi-factor authentication technology. For example, the proctor or invigilator can have a live chat with the candidate. Along with this, the examiners can verify a student’s identity from a remote location using an exam management system. It includes the database of all registered students. The database basically includes personal information with photos, fingerprints, and other identity proofs of students.    

In Summary

As a result, the exam management system is intended to address the concerns and issues that traditional schools may encounter in 2022.

Such virtual assessment tools can help educational institutions to achieve objectives like effective monitoring of examination processes and activities. Proper management of students’ exam records, managing the examination data and information in one central place and minimizing the time required for conducting examination activities.

It helps educational institutes and allows students who have a busy schedule. If you have no time to attend classes and give offline exams. If you are also one of them, you can pay someone to take online test and score good grades even in a busy schedule.



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