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Smartwatches: Apps and Usability

Although the majority of businesses are aware of value creation and business cases for smartphone applications, many still have difficulty understanding how this happens for smartwatches and usually try to apply old solutions to new issues. The outcome? Apps do not achieve or are not even utilized by consumers to achieve corporate goals.

The Pillar of App Value Creation

Satisfy Needs

Smartwatches are the first digital service gadget, and smartphones have been supplanted in this field. When they need something fast, consumers turn to them. It is important to maintain the consumer viewpoint and concentrate on those events that generate requirements at the moment.

This is usually done for contextual demands or crucial time tasks. Plan your program to react to these circumstances and give each instance the greatest user experience. If your value proposition is not designed to meet the immediate demands quickly, a second review of the overall business case and value proposition of the app could be advisable.

Frequent Use

Apart from being relevant and providing services that are typically accessible to consumers, Smartwatch applications are successful. Think about it: would a consumer remember your app if they don’t use it regularly?

Conceive obvious, basic tasks that are frequently used and are more suited to the smart clock than on any other device to guarantee that your app becomes part of your client’s life. Think differently if your primary business does not generally meet this description.

In order to achieve objectives associated with your main proposal, for instance, you might create gamification dynamics or transform the application into a personal digital adviser.

Frequent use validates your application and opens the door to various commercial advantages like cross-sales, retention, and advocacy. You’ll probably have an issue with conversion and use rates if your software doesn’t drive regular usage.

Proactive Experience

The product experiences and you need to anticipate user wants to offer value quickly. You can only achieve this by using artificial intelligence to enhance your experience. I’m not discussing sophisticated cloud-based IT solutions. I mean the use of artificial intelligence algorithms to adjust their content and features in real-time to the demands of the customers. This makes your application relevant and always meaningful at a glance. If you don’t have this, you will lose the appeal, regardless of how hard you try.

Smartwatches Value

For Consumer

Monitor Time in the Dark; Yes, because we have cellphones, it hasn’t been a problem for a long time. But a smartwatch is still a watch. It allows individuals to monitor time in the dark, without disturbing others when compared to telephones.

Tracking activity: Smartwatches like Huawei Watch GT 2 can replace fitness bracelets as they are manufactured following fitness needs. Smartwatches connect personal data to their smartphone more easily than the original wrist balls, because they are more conscious of the healthy way of life. The wearable gadgets also follow activity more precisely compared with cellphones.

Notifications: When a wristwatch is connected to a phone, individuals may be warned when a new call, message or recall is received. This function helps to keep individuals away from their smartphones.

Making Calls: Since LTE is added to the smartwatches, stand-alone gadgets may now be utilized, except for cell telephones. The flexibility of persons utilizing the gadgets has been improved.

Multi-tasking; In comparison with digital wristbands, Smartwatches may likewise be used to conduct many other tasks, such as browsing, finding my phone, and contactless payments.

Fashion tech-savvy: The use of wearable devices can demonstrate a person’s openness to new technologies and create a knowledgeable picture of technology.

For Business

Further and more precise personal information: Wearable gadgets enable companies to use devices linked to customers to acquire even more sensitive data.

Creates operating system loyalty: The smartwatches are still more powerful, but they may be used as stand-alone devices. Consumers stick with their original phone brands or systems by using individual operating systems on their watches in return.


Smartwatches are designed to make user’s life easier. Many companies such as Huawei offer the best combination of app and smartwatch functionality. Huawei GT2 42mm not only provides users with an amazing user experience but is also combined with an app to track health and fitness activities.



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