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How To Grow Your Instagram Following?

Instagram has provided users a great platform to gain visibility and reach out to a huge audience at once. You can get fame and become an influencer by showcasing your talent. Instagram is also a great place to host business as you find an audience of every age and interest up there. May it be content creators, businesses or individuals everyone looks at increasing their followers on Instagram. You might have been told a number of ways to improve your following, but do these tricks always work? Some might, some might not! To grow on Instagram we try and test different things but not everything works. If you are someone who’s looking to improve their following on Instagram, we have enlisted some tried and tested methods to do so. These practical tips will surely help you boost your Instagram following numbers significantly.

Repost content over different platforms:

Social media platforms are a great way to get to your target audience especially for a platform like Instagram it becomes easier. Whenever you draft content for Instagram, repost it on other platforms as well. This helps you capture the attention of a wider audience on multiple apps. This also helps promote your Instagram account. Another practical tip to increase your followers is by reposting content of other users who have reacted to your content. You can simply download any Instagram reel, story, video, posts, highlight etc using Insta zoom and then repost it. This helps other users establish trust in you.

Add your social media handles on your packaging and business cards:

Posting on multiple social media platforms helps you get more people to connect with you. Add links or mention your social media handles under all posts on varied apps. You might have seen big brands adding their social handle on their packaging and business cards. This is a great promotional hack. Imprinting your social media handle on packages and business cards helps customers to browse your other services and find you on Instagram easily. This helps you increase your Instagram following significantly.

Influencer marketing:

Influencers are highly regarded on social media. They have a strong social media presence and are highly trusted. Not only this they even enjoy a huge following. To let more people connect to you and get spread brand awareness you can always collaborate with these influencers to market your product. Either pay for their promotional activity or send them free products and ask them to post a review on these on their profile.

Create content that is engaging based on user response:

You cannot get people to follow you if your content is not unique and captivating. Put in your creativity to draft captivating content for people to share and follow. Use Instagram analytics to know what kind of content works best for you and then based on the user response [post that content more.

Engage with your audience:

The best way to build a faithful audience on Instagram is by engaging with them. Conduct live sessions; engage with audience on comments and chats. This way your audience gets to connect with you. At times the audience does hit your profile but does not get the response and skips to move further, this way you lose customers, hence try reaching out to as many people as you can.





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