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One of the most significant makeup products

Why do we use custom lipstick boxes?

As one of the most significant makeup products, lipstick is among the favorite makeup accessories. Their unique and charming colors lighten up the entire face when applied. Team custom boxes have assisted many cosmetic brands to produce their lipstick packaging.

As much as lipsticks matter to their users, the packaging of lipstick holds equal importance. They help you polish your image and have better output in front of the audience. The impact of customization and the brands that have benefitted from it is uncountable. Hence, every cosmetic brand now prefers customization of their lipstick boxes!

The uses of custom lipstick packaging include a better brand representation amongst competitors, a better way for customers to keep the lipstick safe, a smarter way of advertising the lipsticks, and using your creativity and aesthetic sense for the better good of your business!

Custom packaging for lipstick helps a brand to attract their customers better, which brings them more sales. We at custom Boxes have provided 100% guaranteed results from our customization. Many brands have reportedly said to witness a sale and profit hike when they shifted from regular and ordinary packaging to customized, well-built, impactful, vibrant, and eye-captivating looks of their custom lipstick boxes!

To be able to directly address your customers is every brand’s aim, and we at custom boxes help you achieve that very purpose!

Lipstick box packaging protects your product:

The lip-sticks can be delicate and fragile, which means they can be damaged easily. There has to be a way for the brands to ensure the safety of their lipsticks, during the delivery process or even after it has reached its customer.

  • Many brands have faced loss because the troublesome process of a package damaged the lipstick, while it was in its box. This also harms the credibility of a brand.
  • In order to make your mark in the industry and be known as a responsible brand, Team custom boxes stress the customization of the boxes of lipsticks.
  • Customization not only revolves around the design and style aspect. It covers a larger medium, which has the production of products as its main aim.
  • With customization, the brands can choose to work on the better production of their lipstick packaging, with the goal to deliver high-quality and sturdy boxes to the customers.
  • At custom boxes, the deliverance of what once seemed to be just a theory is now a reality!

Suitable packaging materials are used:

The production of top-notch lipstick packaging depends upon the quality of the stocks. This is the reason why team custom boxes have worked on their packaging stocks. Today, we have one of the ideal quality stocks to offer our clients.

  • With paperboard, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, and Kraft, we satisfy and ease the packaging concerns of our clients.
  • With the natural sturdiness these stocks have, they offer the utmost safety to lipsticks. However, the brands can also add to this sturdiness through a custom thickness of the packaging stocks!
  • Moreover, all the stocks we at custom boxes offer are highly eco-friendly, being easily recyclable!

Customboxes.pk provide high-quality printed lipstick box:

Lipstick boxes


A lipstick packaging must be capable of complimenting the lipstick well. If any brand gives dull packaging to lipsticks, no one will be fascinated by it. It is important to build fascination in order for your lipsticks to stand out. Lipstick boxes should attract and not repel!

Our design support has significant knowledge of the tricks and techniques of customization. With our skillful experts, the brands can now customize luxurious lipstick packaging.

We provide high-quality printing services such as digital, onset, and offset. Through them, you can have the accuracy of the print. Furthermore, the lipstick boxes can be coated with a fine and exquisite layer of gloss, matte or aqueous coating!

Lipstick boxes increase your brand awareness:

Be it any product, its packaging has to create awareness and recognition for the brand. This is a concern, aim, and the ultimate goal of packaging. Through custom lipstick boxes, cosmetic brands were able to attract their customers and grow their recognition.

The competitiveness in the cosmetic industry is remarkable, which is why the performance of a brand has to be noticeable in order to stand out and lead. Getting vibrant, classy, exquisite, and luxurious packaging for lipsticks has helped brands flourish a worldwide recognition-something which wasn’t able be done easily before.

At Custom boxes, we look forward to being a part of your brilliant journey to success; a journey of colors!



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