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Why do people tend towards the massage service in Calgary?

Did you know massage is known to be the natural healing treatment since 3000 BCE (or earlier). It is used as the medical treatment given to the people who are sick and suffering from particular conditions or diseases. From those days to today, massage is still one of the best treatments people gets when they complain about muscle tension and chronic pain or other conditions which can easily be treated by the massage service in Calgary.

There are many different types of the best massage therapies offered by the different couples massage spas, which are used by many people for different purposes. In this article we will discuss the most famous and used massage therapies and their uses. We will also discuss the why factor related to the massage.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is known as one of the best and most popular massage type all around the world. Many people use this massage for the relaxing purpose but the main cause of this massage is to release tension for the body. Tension is in the form of stiff muscles. Did you know when you take too much pressure of anything on your head your shoulder and muscles get tired and start pain. This Swedish massage releases that tension from the muscles and you instantly feel relaxed.

Hot stone massage

The name says it all. This massage uses hot stones. Now many people think that the stones are boiling hot or at high temperature, but in reality they are warm stones which are place in a set temperature so that the human body can easily bare the heat of those stones when placed on the body. Mainly this massage focuses the back area and the stones are placed at the center of the back so that it can give s a heating sensation to the body and the body fell relaxed on its own without any external massage being done.

But if your skin is sensitive and you have any type of allergy from heat or any other skin allergy, avoid having this massage as it can easily affect the sensitive skin. This massage is definitely a good option for back pain but you can switch this massage with Swedish massage because in Swedish massage the therapist uses gentle pressure on the body.

Deep tissue massage

This massage is used to treat the tension in between the tissues. In this massage the therapist uses slight hard pressure to the body. So that it can easily effect the deep tissues of the body and heal the tension which is being stored in the tissues by you. Many people think that deep tissue massage can cause damage but in reality it is just a massage which is done by the professional and experienced therapist. They know how much pressure to apply on every patient’s body type. So you don’t have to worry about anything. All you need to think about is the deep tissue massage and its satisfactory results.

Aroma therapy

We all love the pleasant smell of the essential oils. Have you ever wonder while opening the bottle of the essential oil? Without doing anything it gives you a relaxing sensation. Aroma therapy uses the same techniques. In this a therapist use essential oil to massage on the affected area. So that it can release the tension from the muscles. And at the same time the pleasant smell of the essential oils can relax our mind and give it a signals or relaxation.

But if you are allergic too perfumes, scents or any fragrances then this massage is not for you. You can use Swedish massage or deep tissue massage instead of this massage.


Did you know human body contains a lot of pressure and tension points? Which are being studied by the physiotherapist because they work on them to treat the diseases. Same is the case with reflexology. This massage focuses on the pressure points on our hands, feet and ears. These specific pressure points are linked to many of the organs and other parts of our body. So they are knowns as the main focus points of the body. Women can easily understand this by his example.

When you go to the spa for the manicure and pedicure, they give you a massage on the hands and the feet and focuses on the center of the palm and center of the feet. These are the placements of the pressure points. That is why women feel relax and comfortable after having a manicure and pedicure. This is the same techniques used by the massage therapist to heal the conditions and give you the relaxing effect.

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