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Importance Of Dental Curettes For Periodontal Care

In the field of dentistry, dental surgeons rely on dental curettes to clean the teeth from unwanted and irritating plaque, cavity, and gingival presence. Sometimes, calculus occurs on the teeth, making them vulnerable to many dental problems regarding oral hygiene. Teeth become pale and lose the enamel covering, which naturally protects them from different oral health problems and complications. Due to this reason, curettes have identical functions to dental scalers for dental surgeons. Dentists implement dental curettes to make the patient’s teeth free of plaque for increased tooth health and better functionality.

The design and structure of dental curettes are important to know about because they consist of essential counterparts which work in a collective manner to conduct successful processes. The type and size, along with the shape of dental curettes, are important to recognize according to the specific nature of the dental procedure of tooth scaling.

Major Types

  • Gracey Curette

These are among the typically used dental curettes, which vary in two types. Either rigid or flexible. These two forms have different fields of implementation to take out the calculus from the tooth, which can damage the enamel, structure, and dental health of the tooth if not timely removed. These dental curettes have an arched shape. The angle varies from all the other types of curettes as well. They comprise main counterparts like blade and shank, which have prime roles for dental surgeons. The Gracey curettes available with rigid shanks easily scale the heavy or hard calculus from the teeth. This is why it is suggested that a dental surgeon should know which type of dental curette with a sub-category he has to use to perform the dental procedure. It has a shank angle lower than that of a universal curette which is a maximum of 70 degrees.

  • Universal Curette

This kind of dental curette comes with identical counterparts, which are blades, and shanks, and provides a dental surgeon with a comfortable and steady grip while working on the calculus. Sometimes, it gets harder to remove the plaque on the tooth surface because it keeps depositing on the tooth if not treated or scaled properly. The tooth does not get the required cleaning and loses its natural enamel coating and color as well. The shank of the universal elevator is located at a 90-degree angle to reach the constricted sites on the tooth where calculus and plaque are present. This special type of dental elevator works on supragingival and subgingival dental issues and works effortlessly on the patient.

An example of universal curettes is Columbia Curettes. These are best for removing the subgingival calculus. It has sharp working ends and cutting edges. It helps dentists to perform the scaling process effectively. 

Functions Of Dental Curettes 

There is a vast field of applications of dental curettes because their advanced and upgraded features accommodate the dental surgeons to perform dental scaling and root planing procedures in an efficient way. Also, they alleviate the time and damage chances for the patients as well. To talk about their functions, dental curettes can conveniently clean the calculus and plaque and treat pertinent dental issues simultaneously. They also can incise the sensitive tissues present along the periodontal fibers, dead or damaged tooth roots which are lying in the form of a complex network. They have either sharp or dull blade tips fitting according to the type of dental procedure and the nature of the dental activity. If properly and ethically used, dental curette can prove to be a miraculous tool for both dental surgeons and patients having oral hygiene problems.

Factors To Consider While Buying Curettes For Your Clinic

Following are the factors that are going to determine for you, when recognizing and choosing among them, which dental scaling equipment will serve better for the dental activities and procedures.

  • Lightweight instrument

Always try to use those dental tools which do not feel bulky and heavy on your hands because some dental procedures can be a lot of time-consuming and can exhaust the dental surgeon and the patient. Dental tools should be light and comfortable to use because heavy and bulky dental instruments can complicate the process, leading to different aspects of damage and infections for the patients. High-quality and light dental tools are more likely to perform better for dental surgeons because they quickly complete the scaling of plaque.

  • Handle shape

The dental tools should have a comfortable and firm grip providing handle because it is one of the primary counterparts. Those handles which are wide or bulky require the extra potential of the arm and hands of a surgeon, which can exhaust him quite early in the procedure. The design and the structure of the handle also determine its functioning. Serrated and flat handle shapes have different applications in dentistry.

  • High quality material 

The quality of dental equipment matters a great deal. Premium quality heavy and durable metals like tungsten carbide and German stainless steel enhance the working of dental tools. They make dental tools last longer, protecting them from mechanical wear and weather fluctuations like moisture and dampness. These metal coatings and body structures also protect them from rusting and corrosion. Good quality metallic structures catalyze the functioning ability of dental equipment as well.

  • Ergonomic handle designs

There is a wide range of dental tools which have handles ranging from serrated to flat structures. The design of the dental tools is a contributing factor in their proper implementation during many dental procedures. It should feel comfortable to the dentist and should be heavy or uncomfortable for him, which can complicate the dental procedures further for the patients.  


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