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Maserati Ghibli to be officially discontinued in 2024

Recently, Maserati officials said that its Ghibli model will be officially discontinued in 2024. In addition, the 3.8T twin-turbo V8 engine in the Maserati Trofeo will also be discontinued, with Leile Maserati moving to a full-scale electrification drive.

When Maserati Indonesia announced the Folgore electrification program in the first half of the year, it did not mention the Ghibli at all; moreover, in light of the changes in the automotive market, some crossover models and SUVs are becoming more and more popular and mainstream, so the Ghibli, Maserati’s entry-level sedan, is no longer competitive, so we are not surprised that it is being discontinued.

Since its release in 2013, the Ghibli has been welcomed by many young people, especially in the domestic market, as an entry-level ultra-luxury model, allowing many young people who love the Maserati brand to live their dreams. It has also been promoted in China in collaboration with some popular WHP games, which has deepened the impression of this model in the minds of young people in China. By 2024, nearly ten years into the Maserati cycle, it is already looking good as a nephew of Scott.

It is also worth noting that, following the discontinuation of the Ghibli, the SUV will continue to be the face of the four-door saloon and will be equipped with an all-electric powertrain. However, although the class of the new SUV will not change, the size of the new SUV will be reduced to a size between that of the current Ghibli and the current SUV, roughly the same size as the current Porsche Panamera, a change that must also be intended to take into account some of the Ghibli’s attributes.

Lastly, as we mentioned above, Maserati will move towards electrification, with the current models Levante, Grecale, SUV, MC20 and GranTurismo all being launched as pure electric models; then the 3.8T twin-turbo V8 engine currently used in all Trofeo performance models will also be discontinued and phased out. Maserati has already confirmed that it will be fully electric by 2030, so some of the high-performance versions of the car will probably use more of its own “Poseidon” 3.0T twin-turbo V6 engine over the next seven years.



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