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Kedarnath Yatra 2022 complete travel guide


Kedarnath Is a sacred pilgrimage of Lord Shiva, and is located in Uttarakhand’s Garhwal district. Kedarnath, one of Uttarakhand’s Char Dhams, is the most important Panch Kedar. Kedarnath can be found at 3586m above sea level, near the Mandakini’s head.

One of Lord Shiva’s twelve Jyotirlingas is a river.Lord Shiva, protector and destroyer, is also known as Kedar, which literally means “powerful”. The beautiful

The temple’s atmosphere seems to be peaceful in heaven, making it an ideal place to meditate. One of the most popular pilgrimages and shrines in Hinduism, the Shiva Temple, draws devotees from all around the globe.

These attractions are available. This region is known for its natural beauty and religious zeal.

Kedarnath Dham is located:

Kedarnath, a Hindu religious site located in Uttarakhand’s Rudraprayag district is known as Kedarnath. The holy shrine is situated at 3584 metres above sea level.

The Kedarnath Valley is home to the town of Kedarnath and one Char Dham. You can reach it by Trek, Dandi or Kandi.

Helicopter. Kedarnath can be reached by rail, air and road. You can reach Kedarnath directly from Haridwar.

It is possible to spend at most one day there. Most of the journey, 240 km, is on a ghat road.

The mountains are in the background, and the Ganges River follows you throughout.

If you have more than 5-6 people in your group,

Consider renting a jeep.

Tourist Attractions near Kedarnath

Kedarnath can be considered a tourist attraction in its own right, but there are many other tourist attractions and pilgrimage sites nearby.

Trekking excursions and high-altitude lakes are just a few examples. You can also visit Triyuginarayan and Guptkashi as part of the Kedarnath pilgrimage. Triyuginarayan, the legendary location where Lord Shiva married Parvati, is well worth a visit.

Two of the most stunning locations in Garhwal are Deoria Tulare and Chopta. It offers a breathtaking view.

The Himalayan hills give you the feeling that you are in heaven.

The five most important Shiva temples are Kedarnath (Madmaheshwar), Tungnath and Rudranath.

Garhwal Himalayas. They are also known as Panch Kedar by locals. Uttarakhand is home to Panch Kedar.

Apart from the sacred feeling, architecture enthusiasts should visit Agasteshwar Mahadev temple. It is dedicated to Agastya, a sage, and has archaeological significance. Stones have been carved in images of gods.

Goddesses. Visit The Kedar Massif to see even more breathtaking views. It is a majestic massif that was formed by

Three major mountains are Kedar dome and Bharat Kumta. Kalimath.

Dates of Kedarnath’s Closing and Opening

Omkareshwar priests have calculated that the Kedarnath Temple’s opening date is determined by the auspicious days ‘Akshay Tritiya’ and ‘Maha Shiv Ratri. The Kedarnath Temple will be open this year in the morning on May 6, 2022 with a special Pooja.

Mahashivratri is also the date that Kedarnath Dham will open. The closing date of Kedarnath Dham has been established. The temple will close after Pooja Archana on Bhai Dooj, the day after Diwali in Nov.

Kedarnath Kapaat’s opening is a joyful occasion for pilgrims from all over the country. Only priests at the Kedarnath Temple could have opened Puja for Pilgrims to allow them darshan. The closing ceremony is just as spectacular as the opening ceremony. Garhwal Bands transport Baba Kedar Doli from Kedarnath’s Winter Abode to Omkareshwar Temple, Ukhimath.

Route of the Kedarnath Dham Yatra

The 16-kilometre Kedarnath Trek requires high levels of physical fitness. Before

Before embarking on the trek each pilgrim must decide if they are physically able to do so. Palki/Dandi,

The Kedarnath Trek offers Kandi and Mule/Ponies services.

These services are available to anyone at

The Gaurikund/Sonprayag reservation counter.

Kedarnath Popular Route:

Delhi to Haridwar (206 km) to Rishikesh (24 km) -to Devprayag (70 km) to Srinagar (35 km) to Rudraprayag (34 km) to

Tilwara (9 km) to Agastyamuni (10 km) to Kund (15 km) to Guptkashi (5 km) to (16 Kms).

Route Map for Kedarnath Trek Start at Gaurikund, and walk the distances below:

Gaurikund (6 km), Rambara Bridge (4 km), Jungle Chatti (3 km), Bheem Bali (4 km), Linchauli (4 km), Kedarnath Base

Camp (1 km), Kedarnath Temple (1 km).



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