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Goa’s best kept secret: Goa without the crowds

Ashwem Beach

The Ashwem Ocean side in North Goa stretches from the Chapora river’s northern banks to the Qerim oceanside near the Terekhol River. The ocean side is approximately 30km from Panaji, the capital of North Goa. It is also about 19km from Calangute which is one of the most popular places to visit in North Goa.This is the most popular spot in Goa to go for one-day picnics. It’s also a top choice among locals. Although it has a bit of roughness, it is one of the most un-jammed beaches in Goa. Ashwem is located between the Mandrem ocean side and Morjim coast side. There are a few hotels on the ocean side that offer shacks along the coastline for those who want to relax and rejuvenate. This location is also home to the olive ridley turtle. It is an unusual turtle species that is found here.

Sinquerim beach

Sinquerim is located 13 kilometers from Panaji and offers the most beautiful ocean side of Goa. Here, one can enjoy water-skiing (para-cruising), fishing, scuba diving, windsurfing, and scuba diving. This is the most popular objective for Goans and is also known as the principal traveler’s ocean side in North Goa. Although it is an idyllic ocean side, trash-loving sightseers have made this area messy. The ocean side is cleaned by locals occasionally. The Sinquerim Fort can be accessed from the ocean side by walking. If you’re interested, you can also visit the Caves beyond the post if you don’t mind traveling along a rough path. It is a great spot to see the ocean side and can also be used for other water sports. This is a great spot for a day of fun and relaxation on the blue-water white beach. There are many activities available here: an imperial oceanside bar, water sports exercises, back rubs, and clean water. This is the place with the most turquoise water of Goa.

Cavelossim Beach

It is one of the most beautiful ocean sides in Goa. It is cleaner than other beaches. It’s also less crowded. They also have great shacks. It is also very good food. The facilities are also excellent. Sometimes, you might see tons of trash drifting to the shore when the tide is low. But that is a collective issue of the human race. It is a stunning oceanside to enjoy during the day. The dusks are also spectacular.

It’s a stunning ocean side for night walks. There isn’t really anyone there at night. If you want to stay, it is one of the most famous beaches in south Goa. There are many well-known lodging networks close by. It boasts beautiful white sands that stretch across its length, making it a great place to spend energy with friends and family. You’ll love the ocean side. You can find a variety of shacks along the coast, as well as restaurants and bars that offer exceptional food and beverages. Although you won’t hear the booming music as loudly at Calangute, you will still enjoy the serenity.

Kalacha Beach

Kalacha’s oceanside, nestled between the mountains, is a picture of peace and tranquility. If you have hired a ride, get out of your car in Arambol and walk down to the ocean side. Enjoy the experience and soak up its beauty and uplifting vibe. There are a few local eateries and shacks on the ocean side that offer great seafood (especially fish).

You will also find unrecorded music gigs, and unconstrained ocean side gatherings. Kalacha Beach is located approximately 30km from Mapusa, and 42km away from Panaji. It can be easily reached via the Qerim Oceanside. This is a beautiful getaway spot with its coconut forests, blue tidal pools and gleaming sands.

Kalacha was founded by the Hippies who arrived here to find a comfortable number. It still retains all of its charm and appeal. Although there are numerous bars and shacks on the ocean side of Kalacha, they aren’t as many as the more well-known sea shores.

Palolem beach

Palolem Beach, a stretch on a small inlet of Goa in South India, is made up of white sand. It is known for its tranquil waters and nightlife that includes quiet discos where partygoers can wear headphones. The ocean side is dominated by palm trees and bright wooden shacks.

 It faces Canacona Island which is well-known for its resident monkeys. Galgibaga Beach is where turtles are found.. Inland Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary houses birds, wild pigs, and gaur. Another popular side of the ocean is it. It is well-known for its beautiful bow shape, which allows you to see the closures from any point on the ocean side.

Ocean side of South Goa

Palolem, the most popular ocean side in South Goa is also one of the most stunning beaches in the state. Palolem, surrounded by thick coconut palm backwoods, is a popular choice for family travelers, hikers, and young groups.

 The ocean side is equally suitable for relaxing celebrations. You can see family travelers enjoying their relaxed and tranquil occasion on the north side of the ocean. Wanderers and young groups can be seen at Palolem Beach’s middle and southern shores, either relaxing in the shacks or enjoying watersports.



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