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How to Find a Web Designer for Your eCommerce Website

A web designer can help you if you want to start a new website or if your old one needs a facelift. However, there are so many freelancers to choose from; how do you find a website designer who can make a site that looks great and has a great user experience?

If you look in the right place, it is easier than you might think to hire a professional to design your website. Find out what to look for in a freelancer and how to find a good Denver web designer, no matter how much money you have.

Here are the following tips for finding a Web Designer for Your eCommerce Website:

  • Professionalism:

When we chose our top e-commerce designers, the last thing we looked at was how professional each one was. Choose Only designers with a long history of being responsive, dependable, and on time. In other words, our top picks are people who are good at design and customer service.

  • Design quality:

Before a designer can enter contests or start working with clients one-on-one through 99designs, our team of design experts goes through their profile and gives them one of the following levels:

  • Top-level 
  • Mid-level
  •  Entry level

When we look at a Denver web designer’s portfolio, we look at how they think about ideas, how well they understand design principles, and how well they can technically put those principles into practice. The top 10 e-commerce designers we want to hire in 2022 are on our list. When you look through designers’ portfolios, you can see their level right in the header of their profile, right under their name. That makes it easy to choose whether you want to work with a seasoned pro or a newcomer.

  • E-commerce experience:

As we already said, even the best website designer might not be the best e-commerce designer. Every designer has strengths, and the top 10 designers we chose are ones whose portfolios are full of successful e-commerce platform they’ve made for clients in the past.

  • The Design of Their Website:

Looking through a list of marketing companies, it will not be hard to find Denver web designers and companies that make websites. If you want to decide if you want to use them, their website is an excellent place to start. Does it look modern? Is it tidy and easy to see? Do you know what they are about and what they have to offer immediately? Or is it hard to understand or boring? Does it not make you want to use their services?

If a Denver web designer doesn’t care enough about their site to make it great, how likely are they to care about yours?

SoftCircles is one of the Denver web design firms that is growing the fastest. Through their strategic and careful website design services, where creativity and technology meet imagination, they aim to give users a professional and unique experience. They have a group of certified designers, developers, and digital marketers who know a lot about design, business, and technology.

  • Your timetable and budget:

When you need more from a designer, your project will take longer and cost you more. Before looking at designers’ portfolios and narrowing down your list, you should have a budget and timeline ready. So, you won’t waste your time or the designers’ time; you can eliminate anyone who doesn’t fit your budget or schedule immediately.

  • Their Website’s Portfolio:

Please look at their online portfolio on their website. If they do not have one, think about moving on.

Check out the other websites they have made.

  • Do they tell people what the business is really about?
  • Do they feel clear and clean, with a clear message throughout?
  • Have they made sites with the same or similar features as what you listed in your requirements list?
  • Can these websites be read easily on any device? If you are not browsing on your phone, open the website on your phone. Is it still easy to read and nice looking?
  • Consider cultural differences:

Cultural differences exist when a project send to a different country. On the other hand, the project’s success or failure can be affected by cultural differences. No matter how different the cultures of different countries are, if the office team cares about their own culture, they also care about the culture of their business clients. You must ensure that the team’s personality, way of working, and culture fit your business project. 

If there is a hole, agile work can fill it. Check to see if the web development team uses an agile development method and responds quickly to changes that weren’t in the plan by constantly communicating and working together.

  • Check to see how they work on the project together:

If the team in another part of the world doesn’t stay in touch with the business client all the time, they won’t be able to finish the project on time. It is essential to keep talking and work together to find the right solution at the right time. Before forming a partnership, the business should ask the Website Design Denver company in Denver how they stay in touch with the most important people and how they do that.

You should know how often the team will meet and how they will share feedback or concerns. You should also know how long it will take for the team to respond if they live in different time zones.

You can look in a few different places, such as:

Sites for hiring: You can find freelance web designers on Upwork.

Search engines: You can find freelance web designers and web design agencies by using search engines like Google.

Review sites: Use review sites like Clutch to find web design agencies and see their prices, reviews, and work.

When you want to hire a Denver web designer, don’t forget to look around. Recommendations can come from friends, coworkers, and others in your professional circle. Their suggestions can make your life easier because you will not have to spend time and effort looking for and comparing dozens of options.


The look of your website is an integral part of your business. Investing in your Denver web designer is essential if you want to bring in leads and keep them interested. You need to find the right website designer if you want an effective site that will bring people to your business. At Softcircles, we have been making custom websites that our clients love for over 12 years. Our team at SoftCircles can help you make a website that works for your business and is fully customized.



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