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Does Rokinon Cine Lenses Having Autofocus?

If you’re interested in shooting movies and want to use autofocus, you’ll probably be wondering whether Rokinon cine lenses have it. The good news is that they do. There are several reasons why you’ll want to invest in a cine lens. For starters, they are a step up from standard cinema lenses, both in ergonomics and functionality. They also offer proper follow-focus, which makes it easier to pull focus consistently. Secondly, they have stepless declicked apertures and an iris dial that lets you dial in your desired setting.

Rokinon cine lenses have autofocus

The Rokinon 35mm 15 cine lens has an F/1.4 maximum aperture, making it a great choice for low-light shooting. This wide aperture also helps you control the focus placement when shooting in shallow depth of field, which is ideal for movies. In addition, this lens has a 56mm equivalent standard prime lens, so you can capture a field of view comparable to normal vision. It also features UMC coating, which improves light transmission and suppresses ghosting and lens flare.

Rokinon cine lenses are typically more expensive than their still camera counterparts. The reason is that cinema lenses contain more moving parts than photography lenses do. This means that they are more complex, have step-less apertures, and use more precise measurements of focus.

They are sized similarly

While all cine lenses are similar in size and shape, there are some differences. Some are slightly larger than others and have slightly different functions. For example, Rokinon cine lenses have a different focus system than other cine lenses. While the Xenon series is designed for full-frame cameras, the Veydra and Kowa series are suitable for smaller MFT cameras.

The Xeen lenses have a 114mm front diameter, allowing for easy lens changes. They also do not need adapters or anti-reflection donuts to be used. They also offer the same level of sharpness, and they have a standard exterior housing.

They are larger

Rokinon cine lenses are a step up from stills lenses, but are still affordable. They have a larger aperture, stepless autofocus, and proper follow-focus. You can dial in the iris manually if you need to. The focus throw is shorter than stills lenses, making them ideal for shooting video in low-light conditions.

The company offers cine lenses in a variety of sizes and focal lengths. Their lineup includes T1.5 and full-frame lenses, as well as Micro Four Thirds lenses. The lenses are small and lightweight, and will weigh under 300 grams. They also feature a “Tally Lamp” on the front of the lens that indicates whether video is being recorded.

They are heavier

The Rokinon Cine Prime series is a line of photo lenses with manual focus. They are available in both wide-angle and standard-telephoto focal lengths. The original models featured a rubber focus grip and plastic aperture ring. The company has since replaced the rubber grip with a 32-pitch gear and removed the click-stops to enable cinematic operation. They are small and lightweight and have smooth manual operation. They are priced at $959.

The Rokinon cine lens series offers many advantages. The EF mount version is compatible with full-frame Canon DSLRs and cinema cameras. The widest cine prime lens is the 14mm model. However, it lacks a 105mm front filter thread and must be used with an external matte box.

They suppress focus shifts

Rokinon cine primes are a great option for photographers who want to shoot movies without worrying about focus shifts. These lenses feature manual focus and are compact and smooth to operate. They are also compatible with the Canon EF mount. These lenses are not expensive and are a good choice for people on a budget.

The 24mm T1.5 DS Cine EF Mount Lens is an ultra-fast manual focus cinema prime that’s made for filmmakers. It features industry-standard gearing and is compatible with an optional follow focus unit. Its multi-coatings also help reduce flare and ghosting. The 24-mm T1.5 cine lens has been tested to be color-matched.

They are color-matched

Cine lenses are designed for filmmaking and feature high-quality glass for sharp images. They have low chromatic aberration and virtually no vignetting. They also have a click-less iris ring for precise manual control of exposure. This lets you change exposure without taking the audience out of the scene.

These lenses are available in several mounts, including EF, F, and Sony E-mount. The EF mount version is built specifically for filmmaking, and it features a unique internal-focus design that minimizes breathing during focus changes. The multi-coated lens also offers a wide field of view on full-frame cameras, but is tight on smaller format cameras.

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