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How to earn money while studying in college?

A college education opens the door to brilliant opportunities. You get to explore the subject you love, meet people from diverse communities, build connections, and experience life on your own for the first time with no constant restrictions. However, pocket crunch is an odd most students struggle with.

Let’s face it; college is not all fun and excitement. In addition to constant parental pressure, stressful study routines, and social life strains that 20 million college students endure in America, soaring college expenses is a significant concern among the lot.

Sure, there are scholarships, grants, and loans to help students manage their expenses, but sadly, college loans also have repercussions. The student loan debt alone roughly amounts to $35,051 per grad, creating immense financial pressure.

Therefore, it becomes mandatory for students to look for opportunities on and off the campus to earn and save some extra bucks without sweating over bills every day.

How to Make Money as a Full-time College Student?

College assignments are challenging, and you may often find yourself wondering, “I wish someone could do my homework for me.” Of course, academic experts can help you with your assignments, but that would cost you money.

Additional expenses such as availing of assessment help from subject tutors online won’t be an additional burden if you have a part-time job bringing you some extra cash.

But, a typical 9-5 job demands 100% dedication and effort. So then, how can you earn without affecting your studies?

Simple! Take up easily manageable work opportunities. This guide will discuss various ways college students make money without being distracted from their studies.

List of 10 Interesting Jobs You Can Do To Earn Money While Studying

1. Vlogging

Most of us know what blogging and vlogging are in this technologically advanced era. Both blogging and vlogging are great options for passive income where you can use your videography, editing, and writing skills to generate money.

If you have a good smartphone and some basic knowledge about video editing, YouTube is a great platform to get started. You can brainstorm ideas and experiment with your videos to capture more views and attract sponsorship.

  1. Blogging


 Enjoy writing? Perhaps you possess good writing skills to create and maintain blogs using widely used hosting platforms such as Blogger and WordPress. Then, to generate more traffic, determine your target audience and write original content focusing on them.

You can also set up a Google AdSense account to increase related ads on your blog and earn money through sponsored product-related content.

  1. Freelance Writer

freelance writer

Again, you can explore the world of freelance writing if you have the skills and interest for writing. Thanks to digital marketing, content and copywriting markets are booming, and writers who deliver high-quality content can earn big bucks.

Writing on trending topics will improve how you think and develop your perspective. Plus, you will find leads and land better writing jobs and internships.

  1. Participate in Surveys

Instead of wasting your time switching from one app to another, why not use the time to do some company surveys and earn money online?

Yeah – you read that right. Many companies pay individuals to gather honest user feedback before launching a new product. This is an excellent option for students with jampacked routines, where they can earn at least $5 or more per survey if they happen to be a target audience.

5. Tutoring


Six out of ten students start tutoring once they finish a class. Tutoring is a great passive earning opportunity that allows you to impart knowledge to students in need and helps you enhance your teaching skills.

Now a lot of you may wonder, “How to get students for tutoring?”

Well, it’s a lot easier than it was a decade ago. If you cannot find students on campus, you can register yourself as an online tutor. Believe it or not, thousands of academicians are associated with different websites as subject matter experts whom students request, “please help me to write my paper.”

These academic help websites allow you to connect with a vast network of students and earn you a good income for offering writing help and tutoring services.

Note: Before getting started, ensure the website is verified and maintains a good reputation for timely payments.

  1. Business Consultants

Today, most businesses invest heavily to get the youth’s perspective of their products and services. They want to know the young generation’s perception of the product and what changes to make for a wider reach.

As a young college student, you can provide a fresh perspective to the business needs and help it connect with the younger generation. You may not realize it now, but with a website and your business knowledge, you can help businesses connect with a broader group of college students and earn money.

  1. Website or App Developer

Website or App Developer

College students have a deeper understanding of technology and digital marketing these days. Despite not being computer science students, many enroll in coding classes out of interest and hone their skills.

Web and app development skills are the most sought-after skills in today’s market as more and more businesses need web development solutions. So if you have coding knowledge and the skills to use various digital tools for building and designing websites, this part-time career choice can be an excellent money churner.

You can create your designs and approach various startup websites or local businesses like beauty salons, law offices, and restaurants to expand your customer base. Remember, the more you work with different clients, the better you understand a customer’s needs.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

According to consumer research, over 98% of college students use social media in today’s time. So then, why not monetize this popular pass time?

Since you already use different platforms, it’s easier to highlight users’ expectations and ways to get them realized. For example, you can tie up with various companies and run their social media accounts.

You can post, make videos, and create polls to stay connected with the target audience from time to time on the company’s behalf. This way, you will do what you love doing and get paid for promoting the brand by connecting with the target customers.

9. Machine Learning Expert

Another way of earning money online is by enrolling yourself as a machine learning expert. To earn money with your coding expertise, you have to create bots and code them with the latest algorithms to make them perform tasks aligning with the customers’ needs.

Register yourself as a designer and look for clients needing bots for various platforms, servers, or personal projects. This is a great part-time job option and can bring you a good amount of pocket money.

10. Translator


A translator is a professional who translates various documents in a language they are comfortable and thorough in. If you research carefully, you will come across many companies who hire youngsters part-time or full-time to translate their documents for decent pay.

You will find such job roles, especially in businesses that deal with international clients. They hire young people for their zeal to work and are ready to pay to bridge the communication gap with their clients. Therefore, if you know more than two or three languages and possess solid grammatical knowledge, this option can be of great advantage.


Earning some extra money through side hustle can help you meet your expenses, save some, and gain work experience. If you are the indecisive one, experimenting with different part-time job roles will help you determine what you want to pursue as a career.

That said, please be aware of the fraudulent sites that promise you big pay but con you instead by not paying you your due. Also, avoid job sites that ask for registration fees.

Always conduct diligent research about the employer before getting started. If unsure, look out for on-campus internship and part-time job opportunities. You can also ask your seniors for part-time job suggestions.

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